04 February 2012

instagram fun!

...i think i am obsessed with instagram... hahah! i really did not know the fun i was missing out on with this iPhone! there is so many great photographers on instagram, it's like a Flickr really. i didn't know how brilliant the camera is on the iphone! (hahah, wow i must seem like i've been living under a rock this whole time, huh?)

so here's some photos i've been taking on instagram!

and in my last post, i mentioned my new friend David from Vancouver. here is a picture of those really comfortable pants he sent me as a gift!! please visit his boutique! thanks again David!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
keep warm wherever you are :-)


joyce said...

Those are iPhone photos?! Man, awesome shots!

Yoli said...

You my friend are an artist.

Yoli said...

By the way Aron those are the Pajama pants I loved! Was going to purchase for my husband but he is not the size left which is a tall.

Emmie Rae said...

the iphone camera is pretty good.. but i cannot believe THESE photos were taken on an iphone. you are so talented! absolutely beautiful. xx

KC said...

oh the cute cat!!!


Sundari said...

I'm loving instagram at the moment too! So much fun.

Hanna Åberg said...

what a nice room you have :) amazing light and interior! happy sunday

Issac said...

they are nice photos!! but i think instagram can make only square format. how do you make rectangle photos like these?

jun said...

Nice photos!
PS: The cat's soooo cute! :)

Sun said...

Pictures you've taken are beautiful! it's not like the usual instagram pictures i've seen around :-o

thwany said...

these photos really make it look like it was a perfect day.

and nice hair btw, do you ever read the nyt style section?

Rina said...

Great photos! Judging from those pictures, the weather looks so warm!
I miss the warm,sunny days. ねこちゃんはちょかわいいね!
You got those pants as a gift? Lucky!
And your hairstyle is so cool! Aron looks like a さむらい.

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

aron you take such awesome pictures!! i wanna take pics with you ~~

odessa said...

i am obsessed with instagram too! but my photos are no way as good as yours!

danica said...

beautiful photos, aron! i especially love the ones with the kitty cat :)

See Hear Say said...

i love your instagram!!

Caroline Buijs said...

Hi, where is the nice music on your website?

Vanessa said...

I'm pretty addicted to Instagram, myself. What's your username? I'd love to follow you!

Jennifer said...

I'm really surprised these are taken on a iphone ~ they look really good! Now I want to take more photos with mine.

Make it Easy said...

thaank you!!

oooh Yoli, you are soo nice!
thank you so much, that means a lot to me! <3
oooh im so sorry you could not get a size in the pants :-( i hope i did not receive the last one!

thank you sooo much!!! :-D

haha i love my cats!

i knooow! its sooo fun! haha its a great photography sharing app!

thank you!! i feel so at peace in my room, it is my sanctuary! hahah :-)

thank you!!
ooh yes, i download an app called "square ready"! please download it, it is great ;-)

thank you!! my cats are so silly sometimes!

thank you my friend!! ya! some of my friends use it like facebook i think, like their new shoes and party pictures, etc.. which is fun too! but i like to follow actual photographers for inspiration! haha
and youre using your old picture again! i remember that, i miss it! heheh

thaank you!! haha my bun!
ooh noo, i have never read that. is it good???

はい、そうですね!パンツはプレゼント :-)
lucky だた!
へええ〜!さむらいみたい?! haha
my friends said the same thing!! :-D
the weather here can be so funny too though. sunny, and now today is so cold and rainy! haha

sankyu!! yess when you get back to Hawaii, lets have a photoshoot!!!! :-D

ooh thank you!!
oh no no, i think anyone can be into photography! its all fun anyways :-D

thaank you!!
haha my cats keep my company, so fun :-)

thank you!! i am glad we are instagram friends too!!! hahah <3

oooh thank you for reminding me!! i put it up JUST now again for you! heheh
i took it down because of my Japan videos i put up. i did not want people to keep turning off the music on my page to listen to the videos, so i temporarily took it off :-D

yay! my instagram is "iiimono"
cant wait to see yours!

oh thank you!! haha ya, it took me a while to find the right settings and camera that i love, but now i am addicted! yes take more photos! be your own photographer ;-p

Johanna Tagada said...

Nice pictures and it feel so good to say photographs of a place where it's warm (in Berlin it was -16 degrees at 2pm).

I also like your hair cut, you look really good like that!


Jay said...

the kitty photo <33333 dead.

Make it Easy said...

thank you! ooh noo, please keep warm on your side of the world!! :-D
thank you, i am quite fond of my long hair now! hahaha

hahaha! funny

Moustaches said...


sabilablabla said...

fall in love with your blog!! :)