28 January 2012

The Board of Trade Co.

the other day, a man named David befriended me on instagram. and attached to his profile page was a clothing website which he so happens to be the owner of. upon coming across his clothing line, i was immediately drawn to this fashion forward shop.

with a simple and beautifully designed website, this mens and womens boutique is snuggled away in Vancouver, British Columbia... another thing to add to my list of reasons why i want to visit Canada!

later, David sent me one of the kindest emails i have ever received. i read it while i was at work and could not stop smiling! hahah, it totally made my day. so thank you mr. David!


❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

omg this is so you. i already knwo your style that when i go out and see something you'd like i'd be like wanting to take a pic and tag you in it. but stupid shops here wont' let me :(

Yoli said...

I love those drawstring pants. And the whole esthetic.

Rina said...

I also love those pants.
I looked at the website, and saw some really comfy looking sweaters. I think Canada has a lot of really interesting clothing stores.