25 January 2012

Jollygoo package + magazine work!

Hiki-san, from Jollygoo, so kindly sent me this wonderful package in the mail! Australian Magazine, Frankie, which her and other blog friend Ebony from Hello Sandwich, are featured in! also the new issue of Brutus Casa, and a lovely postcard also made by another blog friend, Fine Little Day!

(i love how blogs bring people from all around the world together!)

and featured in Hiki-sans interview, are 3 of my very own photos i took of her during our bike adventure back in October!! i was so happy that she asked me to share my photos too, because it's so exciting for me to actually see photos of mine in an international magazine!!! :-D
ありがとう ひきさん!!

* * *

i also wanted to share that i'm currently working on a fashion photo article that will be featured in the 2nd issue of Casual Days magazine! blog friend (Chief editor & Creative Director of the company), Rebecca Toh, kindly featured me as one of their contributor writers for their late online blog "Super Youth". and continuing to partner with them, she asked me to do an article on "comfortable fashion" for their next issue! so i am VERY excited for that as well!!! (if you're reading this Rebecca, thanks again for this opportunity!! ♥) i'll update you all on this as the magazine finishes and prints :-)

oh! and one more thing :-p
last week, i received an email from an online writer named Gemma Rasmussen who asked if she could do a little piece on my blog for Gaijin Pot. so here it is!!
(thank you Gemma!!)


❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

LOOK ATCHU!! you're already famous :O!!!
i totally want to do a shoot with you when I get back! just wish I had a better cam :(

See Hear Say said...

very well deserved aron! your posts and photos are always a pleasure to go through. and frankie is my fave magazine!! much love from australia, you should come say hi when you plan a visit x

danielle said...

Ah.. Frankie has good taste. :)

By the way my email is danielleylouise@gmail.com if you still have any time to tell me some nice places in Hawaii. I couldn't find your email. I'd be so grateful!

Jay said...

Congrats! I'd love to get my photos in a magazine one day too :)

Koey said...

I wish to have a copy of Frankie but couldn't find it in my city:(
Have you ever heard about Kinfolk magazine? I learn about this magazine recently. It seems so attractive and I think you would love this!

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say... for a long time, i enjoy your blog very much. it's so very peaceful. thank you.

Make it Easy said...

thanks you guys!!!! ♥

Lavender Playground said...

I've been trying to find a copy of Frankie in the U.S. and so far had no luck..I think I must have gotten lucky one that one time I found them in a Barnes and Nobles ..

gemma said...

Thanks Aron! It was a pleasure to write about such a lovely blog!

Yoli said...

Aron you are on FIRE!!!! Congratulations!!! I would love to read your article. I am so happy for you!!!

La Rimule said...

I read it : congrats !!! :)

Rina said...

Aron you are becoming so popular now!!
I'm so happy for you!