16 April 2014

hello hello!

Just a small and random blog post to prove I'm still alive and care about my blog still. hahah!  I have a Kyoto post to do, and also a Cherry blossom post!  I can't believe sakura season is already over! It came and went so fast, but was so beautiful... One of my life goals was to see cherry blossoms in Japan and I am so thrilled to cross that off my bucket list!
Pictures to come....

ps: I can't believe it's already been half a year since I moved to Japan!

07 March 2014

My first winter!

Winter came, and it was absolutely magical for me!  This was my first time EVER seeing snow fall, and it was such a beautiful sight to see.  The way it danced on it's way down, I've never seen such movement before.  It was almost as if I was underwater.  Also, I didn't realize how soft fresh snow was!  It really is like powder!  So of course, the morning it snowed, I woke up and opened my curtains and started screaming with joy! Then I called my family back home in Hawaii and showed them pictures and videos, and then I went outside and played in the snow like a child. 

BUT, with the beautiful came the horrible... 
Because I lived in Hawaii my whole life, where it's summer all year round, my body was NOT prepared for this drastic weather change!  I've been sick a total of 4 times already, having to miss so much work.  I was even in the clinic for 5 days getting IV treatment because I was over dehydrated from this dry winter.  And when it rains after the snow, everything just gets so much worse!  Everywhere was flooded temperatures shot down even more, and I wasn't prepared with rain/snow boots, so some days I went to work walking in freezing water up to my ankles... absolutely soaking!

Well, that was my first ever snow experience!  hahaha!  As beautiful as it was, I think that's enough snow for this Hawaii boy.  

Oh also,  Last week was my birthday!!!  It was the first time spending my birthday in another country, and Tokyo did well!! I was out all day, eating, shopping, went to a cat cafe, and later partied with some friends all night long!  We went bar-hopping, sang Karaoke for 3 hours, and drank until the first trains started back up.  Good times ♥

04 February 2014

Japanesesong Trip

I quickly fell in love with this couple the minute I came across them on Instagram.  Full of journeys and intimate moments between this pair is enough to turn any ordinary day into one with a pleasantly different outlook.

David (a South African) and Koichi (a native Japanese), really take 'traveling' to another level for me.  So happy to see that they started their very own travel blog, got me more than excited.  With high quality snapshots and stories that will have you smiling from ear to ear, I instantly became a fan of their adventures.

As I mentioned, the Japanese and English translated stories really are the icing on the cake.  Reading though the incredibly fresh and simply put dialogue that goes along perfectly with each trip, really paints a vivid picture as to their whole experience.  As if watching their movie, each story is filled with cultural tidbits about the current location, as well as beautifully written little anecdotes that remind me how human we really are.  (my favourite is the Setouchi Triennale 2013 piece!)

30 January 2014

marcma / 馬克馬

love these photos by Taiwanese photographer Marcma / 馬克馬.

so many exciting things ahead!  I found the cafe of my dreams, and quickly made friends with the owner and staff.  I can see this becoming a regular thing... but more on that later!!

so obsessed with Dustin O'halloran's modern classical music.  listen to his Opus 20

06 January 2014


Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration with loved ones and friends.  I hope 2014 will be just as wonderful, (I really had a good run in 2013 actually!) and may this new year bring much more health, happiness, and safety! As well as future challenges that will give us more growth opportunities. 

This is my first ever holiday experience away from home and my family, as well as in a whole different country!  It really is a huge life change so far, but all worth the while :-)
*   *   *

I also wanted to share some pictures from my very own Japanese apartment!!! I put a lot of work into making it a comfortable living space for me and I must say, I am quite satisfied.  I live in Saitama, just outside of Tokyo, in a really quiet and quaint neighborhood away from all the busy city life.   

My apartment has a balcony and upstairs loft with lots of natural sunlight.  Those were my main specifications while apartment hunting, and I felt really lucky to get this place!  It was literally the last apartment available on the website (Oak House) and for such a good price too!  I really am enjoying my new life in Japan and I feel quite settled in now :-)

Any New Years Resolutions??

mine are: be more helpful, be more sociable, eat less salty foods, realize that I have nothing to complain about, work harder, play harder, visit Hokkaido & Okinawa, and go camping!

19 December 2013

BIG picture update!!!

Since I moved to Japan, I haven't been using my camera that much.  Instead I've been taking a lot of pictures on my iPhone and using Instagram much more!

On my days off from work, I try to explore as much as I possibly can!  I have never walked so much in my life! hahah, but well worth it.

I feel bad for neglecting my blog so much.  I really do miss it... but honestly, I'm not home too often, since I like to spend my days off outside, and when I do come home from work I just eat and sleep.  

It's getting so cold in Japan!! I have never felt weather like this before, since growing up in Hawaii is warm all year.  So this is all very new to me!  I suspect it will snow soon.  Well that is what everyone is telling me.  I am scared and excited for that since I have never seen snow fall in my life!

2013 is almost over... Christmas is next week already... I can't believe it!
Take care and stay warm!!! ♥