06 February 2012

more instagram with Ashley ♡

yesterday i had such a wonderful day off with one of my best friends. i don't go out too much now a days since i work a lot more, so it was very fun to document my day with her!

ps: thank you for all your kind comments on my instagram photos!!! ♥
have a good week! :-D


co•co•marro said...

There is nothing better than having fun next to the sea on your day off :) Love your pics

The Jessicat said...

Wow, it looked like so much fun! I hope you get to enjoy many more days when you can take beautiful pictures :-)

limegreenspyda said...

Lurve your instagram piccies! So nice and soothing, along with the music you chose for your webpage.

Hello from Singapore :)

hyemi said...

Hawaii looks beautiful. I would love a guide to Hawaii post of your favourite places to see and things to do.

Tissi said...

I always love your pics and these ones here are gorgeous :) A little HELLO from Italy, Simona ^^

Yoli said...

Gorgeous feel to your photos. There is a softness and elegance to them. You are seriously good.

ave studio said...

you have such an adorable blog ♥

yenasung said...

Hi! Where did you take those food pics? They look delicious. I live on Oahu too!

Make it Easy said...

thank you all for your nice comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at a nice little eatery in Kaimuki, called Cafe' Laufer!
cool you live here too!!
aloha :-)