19 January 2012


the other week i ordered these zouri from Japan and i am just so happy and appreciative of the craftsmanship put into hand making these traditional sandals! heres the website where it's from.

and the origami was also a nice surprise i found in another box shipped to me from Japan. i just love the idea of a total stranger in a whole different world, hand crafting something special just for you :-)

thank you for sharing your new years resolutions!! it was very inspiring to read!

...one more thing...
i finally gave in and got myself an iPhone 4... hahah! i really did not want to get one because i don't necessarily think they are the nicest looking phones (i think they look like remote controls for microwaves or something), and being compared to the beautiful Japanese cellphones i always get. but, i must say, as i'm still getting used to it, they are very convenient!

and so i signed up for instagram too! hahah
do you guys have instagram? i would love to see your photos from your side of the world! my user name is: iiimono (yes, 3 i's), what's yours??


❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

I HAVE INSTAGRAM!! look for monrabu!
and please download "naver line" so we can chat! :D

Anonymous said...

I love those sandals! Btw, I didn't know Japanese cellphones could work in the USA. I always thought they couldn't! Could you explain a little cos I'd love to use Japanese phones here :)


Jennifer said...

Those are great looking sandals. It is nice to think that people make good hand crafted items still :)

I've got instagram. coriandersea is the name :)

Sun said...

This is so weird, i'm thinking to get zouri for myself too, and interested to learn how to make it, because i found this website, http://weavethehearts.tumblr.com :-p

Sewon said...

I want house sandals for hot summer days! :] Ah, I love snail mail exchanges. P.S. I just got the new Iphone, too, and I'm on instagram all the time. I'll friend you tonight!

Ceci said...

How lovely! When I turn 18 and get the opportunity to shop online, I'm going to order all kinds of stuff! Handmade items are so amazing! Those sandals look really nice!

Also, I really want to buy myself an iPhone 4 as well. It isn't that pretty, but as you say - it's so convenient!

Bonjour Juliette said...

Haha as said Sewon up there (and we have a snail mail exchange going on right now*) i love this magic thing that wonderful internet brought us: sending and receiving little surprise parcels from and to all over the world... Would you like to get one from Paris? I'd love to swap with you!

Make it Easy said...

i added you! yay, and i am downloading NAVER LINE too right now! do i have to add your screen name or something? tell me how it works and how to chat with you :-)

hi! thanks for your question! my Japanese phones work in America because they are certain "unlocked" phones. not ALL japanese phones can work here, just make sure they are unlocked so you can stick your SIM card in them. the last one i had required a 3G network though... hope this helped :-)

thanks! ooh i will look for you too!! :-)

get some!!! or even better, MAKE them! we can be zouri brothers!! hahaha
Sun, you dont have a iphone do you? i think last time we talked you said you had a blackberry or something? i think you would take beeaautiful photos on instagram!! <3

thanks for adding me!! :-D
yess these sandals will be great for the hot weathers coming up!!

oh how interesting, you can only order things online when you are 18?? is that the law over there?

ooh snail mail!! switch from Paris! that would be so fun!! SURE! get my email in my profile and we can talk about it :-D

KC said...

handcrafted products are more compelling to be appreciated than any other really no matter how mundane they are. you can practically see the love put into them.


Lotte Janssens said...

lovely handmade things
enjoy the weekend

Jay said...

those look really cool, what are they made out of?

my instagram is realitycoma

See Hear Say said...

yay to iphone! it's one of my life changing gadgets hahaha.. looking you up on instagram now, mine username is lauratj :)

Yoli said...

龙年快乐!Loving those sandals Aron! Glad you got an iPhone, I think I am the only hold out in my antiquated phone. My husband says if I keep it up he will be able to sell it to a museum.

thwany said...

you should download Words With Friends so we can play together.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, thanks for answering my question! I will keep your advice in mind when I get my next phone. I really love your blog; it makes me feel happy and light and as if I was back in Tokyo :)

- Zooey

Sandra Lindkvist said...

i really love your photos. You seem to get a special sparkle in them. i must ask you what camera you have, which do you use? lovely blog by the way

Lavender Playground said...

Love the beauty of handmade things.

sight said...

Ooooh I love zouri and geta, perfect Summer shoes.
I live in a neighbourhood famous for it's traditional foot ware, so buying geta has become a bit of an obsession!

I'm on instagram too,under the name sight.

Anonymous said...

i just got an iPhone 4 too!!! *excited* i wish I switched over earlier! its so awesome!

Make it Easy said...

thanks everyone for the comments! and also finding my on instagram too!! heheh

do you have an instagram???
um ya, i cant play words with friends... i tried it for the first time with my 8 year old nephew and he beat me! i was putting words like CAT and things. hahahah

hii! thank you so much !! <3
i use a Casio EXILM EX-ZR100
i got it in Japan :-)

SandraDee said...

Thank you <3 i will take a look on that camera :)

LittlePerson said...

hey I love your line say "(i love how blogs bring people from all around the world together!)
Reading others' blogs just make my life full !