11 January 2012


hello friends!
i have not updated in a while, and this is my first post of 2012! so i hope you all had a fun and safe new years celebration!! i personally don't have any new years resolutions... hahah. i did not really think of any or commit to anything in particular. i guess just to save money so i can plan my next trip. i've been already making plans in my head to go back to Japan in the fall again of this year!! so hopefully it will work out :-D

do you have any new years resolutions???
i would love to hear them, so maybe i can get some ideas for my own as well! haha

but anyway, here is another video i just made the other day! i used the song i previously had on my page, by I Am Robot and Proud, called "Good Sleep." i love this song, and hope you enjoy this video of people watching and city walking.


Vanessa said...

Happy 2012 to you! I love your Tokyo videos.

My resolution is simply to take better care of myself this year. I know it's pretty standard... But it needs to happen. I kept it broad so it would feel more attainable. So far I'm running more, eating healthier and I've developed a new skincare regimen. Feels good!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2012! :D

I never make any New Year resolutions... Hmmm, I suppose I want to take better care of myself- develop a normal sleeping pattern, eat better, exercise, etc. ^^

Love the videos!!

See Hear Say said...

happy new year aron!! ohhh i love i am robot and proud so much because of YOU! thanks for introducing such a great music!

Jennifer said...

My resolutions are to do projects like make my own clothes and continue expanding my shop items ~ I think I just want to be more productive this year.
I desperately want to visit Japan, I was considering going to there to teach English (but its such a scary prospect). Still, its really inspiring to see blogs like yours and hello sandwich that show others your experiences in Japan ~ can't wait to see more of your posts this year :D

Ceci said...

Happy new year :)
My new years resolutions.. I have many! My goal is to complete at least five of them! I want to learn to live in the present, I want to smile more, I want to make others smile and I want to take care of my family and friends :)
hope 2012 will be kind to you!

Yoli said...

Happy New Year Aron! I hope to see more posts from you!! Miss you! My New Year's resolution is to be brave. That is all.

Love the video!!!

Yoli said...

Wanted to ask, have you studied cinematography? You have an excellent eye.

danielle said...

Hello Aron. I'm coming to Hawaii soon. If its not too difficult I'd love if you could recommend me some nice places to visit. I'm definitely going to be in Honolulu and I want to go to the other islands too. Maybe you already have a post like that but I couldn't find it?

Danelle x

kitchu said...

i have missed your site. i love love love this new video you put together, it is so well done and your music choices i adore, even repeated :) thank you for making me smile.

Make it Easy said...

i love your new years resolutions!!!!
thanks for sharing!!

aww thank you! but i did not study cinematography, but i do love photography! haha i guess i just learn from pretty movies i watch and such :-p

ooh youre coming to hawaii! how great! you can shoot me and email, or give me yours and i can better give you tips on where to go :-)

thank you!! you make me smile too! and ive missed you all too, i hope you are doing great Kitchu :-D