04 November 2011

Faces of Japan

throughout my stay in Japan, i met so many friendly faces and made new friends in new places! i think Japanese people are relatively shy at first, but once they get to know you, they are a total open book. i am so happy to have shared my life there with such wonderful people around me :-D

cool guys in Harajuku
this is Chika. he is the staff at a store in Jiyugaoka
i remember he had a tongue ring. haha
Ayaka, Naomi, and Mai-chan
my buddy Koichi. we went on so many random adventures together!
he is my friend from Hawaii. we studied at the same university
and he lived in Hawaii for 6 years
Mai-chan's mama! i love her so much! she is so friendly and
funny! her and the family were extremely generous to me ♥
(she's sitting on a stepping stool in the super market, haha)
Hiki-san from Jollygoo blog!
this is Nao. he is the owner of Flamingo bar/restaurant
near my apartment. i also made friends with his father,
his wife, and a regular customer named Mami!
they were all so nice to me!
Taka! my new friend who lived right next to me
this is Naoko. she is the friendly staff at a Italian
cafe/restaurant named "Fablic". the owner was also
a very friendly man who also has a car business in London!
my friend Yuka and her mom, Akemi!!
her mom was also very very funny and loving!
they took me to this izakaya called Shirokiya,
and after we went to karaoke. haha
me and Koichi with "No smoking in the boys room"
this is Lil' (he likes Lil' Wayne). him and his friend,
Suke', followed me in this record store because they saw
my tattoos and liked it... so they showed me theirs! haha
cool guitar man in Inokashira park
Monica and Mighty!
Zumi-chan, Monica's friend
this is Masako. she is the staff at Hauschka cafe
that i mentioned earlier. on my last day, i left her a little gift
of my houseplant to take care of and a box of french snacks... well later
she emailed me to thank me and also tell me that day was coincidentally
her birthday! so she was happy to find a birthday present from me
even though i did not know! haha
in her cafe, i also met a very friendly woman named Sumako.
i just received an email from her too saying that she moved to Penang!
my good friend Jimmy, from Hawaii,
and his sweet wife, Satsuki! drinking in Ebisu
this is Kenji and Asako. i met them when i went to eat
at their grilled fish restaurant in my neighborhood.
they were SO friendly, and told me that they are secretly dating. haha!
Eiki Mori! the photographer i
mentioned in the previous post.
Mai-chan and her kind boyfriend, Ta-chan!
donations in Ikebukuro
Jonte! he is so fabulous...
i mentioned meeting him here.

...i wanted to save this special picture till the end.
when i was in Asakusa with Yuka and her mom, we passed these
carriage carriers on the street, and i thought that they were just
so good looking that i had to go back and take a picture with them!!
hahah, just look at those smiles!.... and muscles ;-P
and a funny bunny man.

i feel so honored to have met and shared my time with these friendly faces. i definitely think that kindness is contagious, and Japan is full of that! i will never forget these smiles :-D


kitchu said...

so much happiness! i am so glad that you made such wonderful connections with so many great people in Japan! what a gift and a time in your life that will be cherished forever...

Sun said...

Bunny man! and pink.

Sundari said...

Such a lovely post. It seems like you have a really great group of friends over there.

thwany said...

wow, you met so many people!

Eileen said...

This post made me :)

odessa said...

ah..these photos are just radiating with happiness! what a lovely group of people. i want to be there. i'm so glad that you had a great trip! thanks for sharing. xo

Louise said...

...this looks like an epic, wondrous and brilliant trip. Especially with the background music on your blog.

And whoa, you met Eiki Mori!!! How awesome! You met so many nice and funny and real people.

Must be weird to be back in Hawaii. (Although, that sounds rather appealing to me too)

Claudia said...

WOW, Mr White Shorts is definitely not leaving much to imagination... what fun guys!

Ella said...

what great images! you're so lucky to have met all these people....particularly the funny bunny man :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful people. I'd love to visit Japan someday...

Camila Faria

duermeveland said...

I love this post! All interesting faces...

Rina said...

I loooove that picture with you and the carriage carriers! I saw a lot of those guys when I went to kiyomizu in Kyoto.

Yoli said...

Loving the faces and ALL the smiles!!! Wow what a great group you have gathered for us! You need to be the embassador for Japan my friend!

hozumi said...

aw, i feel so honored to be a part of your blog, aron!
beautiful blog btw :D