31 October 2011

"Tokyo Boy Alone"

in my last last post, i mentioned that i was very excited to be meeting one of the most famous photographers throughout Tokyo... well that special person was EIKI MORI!!

if you don't already know who he is, Eiki Mori is an extremely talented photographer in Tokyo and also very well known throughout the photography world, as he has many gallery exhibitions held all over! such as Japan, Taiwan, the UK, Austria, Greece, etc! and this year, he just released his highly anticipated photo-book, called Tokyo Boy Alone.

...well, i was extremely lucky to have the honor of not only meeting him, but also having a personal photoshoot with him!!

here is a cute little picture i took of him in my apartment. he was so kind and very professional. i am definitely not a model, but he was very helpful and patient with me during the photoshoot. he even gave me a copy of his book as a gift! and also a delicious cake for us to share! i am so very happy to have met a kind hearted friend, but also a famous photographer who i am such a huge fan of!

i can't wait to see how the photos come out! and he also said he maybe even put my photographs in his future shows and next book! but that is just maybe a nice idea only, ne ;-p

throughout my stay in Japan, my experience with him is definitely one of the main highlights of everything! i am still so excited and can't believe i met him! hahah

ps: ただいま! i am back safe in Hawaii :-)
though, i really wish i was still in Japan... i don't want to be back here! hahah, but i have no money, so back to reality and work. sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and still think i am in my Tokyo apartment :-( it's so confusing...

also, happy halloween!


Sun said...

おかえり! :-)
So lucky you could meet him in person and he took pictures of you too!
1 month of good holiday and now time to get back to work, 頑張って! and later go back to Tokyo again :-)

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

omg you made the header picture! so cuteeeeeeeeee. i wish we took one together wth. lol

I want a meet a photographer too D:

i seriously think you should own a dslr lol

KC said...

how nice that such a young man can come up with such great work.


thwany said...

can that be my morning, too?

satu said...

so amazing you got to meet him and beyond amazing you had a photoshoot with him. can't wait to see!

i have enjoyed your posts from japan a lot! i'm a bit too busy these days to leave comments it seems. :/ but i'm always happy to see a new post from you.

take care!


Claudia said...

Wow, that is so neat, Aron! How did you have the chance to meet him? That sounds like an amazing opportunity!

Love your new blog header, by the way!

Jay said...

AW, you are so cute! So nice to hear you had a great time. Back to reality..... reality is not all that it's cracked up to be. :(

Kelly said...

Yay! I'm so happy you got to meet him! Your pictures of Japan are so gorgeous!

I love the new blog look and music! It's an instant pick me up!

(I pretty much think your blog is the best thing ever, actually. It's my favorite right up there with Hello Sandwich. Keep up the awesome work! <3)

kitchu said...

oh my gosh!! what an AMAZING experience for you!!!!! i can't even imagine what that was like! and how the time flew by, it seems only yesterday you left for Japan!

See Hear Say said...

you're very lucky to hang out and shot by your fave photographer!! i can't wait to see the pics too! liking the new polaroid header and lullatone song - their music is so cute.

odessa said...

love the new header and background music!!! your blog always makes me smile. and seriously, how lucky to meet such a talented photographer! these photos are gorgeous!

MUS said...

and you are lucky!

caca said...

hai you!
i've been your secret follower since a year a go:)
been a biggest for all the things in japan and make me wanna go there while reading you, jollygoo, or hello sandwich's blog:)

i was in japan for 8 days and just came back. I feel so alive in there, and my favorite place so far is ueno!!

and i feel you now, still on my post holiday syndrome, and feel sad while i am thinking about japan so bad i want to live there. Reality now, back to work so someday we can come back there again a.s.a.p!!!! :)