03 October 2011

Hauschka Cafe'

this is the cafe i mentioned in my last post, that's right outside my apartment. it is very relaxing in there with classical music and comfortable light and beautiful atmosphere. also the best ice-coffee i have ever had!!

so much has happened in these past days!!
-went to Yokohama to see the giant ferris wheel
-went to Kamakura to see the ocean
-met up with a lot of my friends here
-made lots of new friends in very random places!! (i will explain much more later, but i met so many new people and they gave me their emails too! i think Japanese people are very shy at first, but after they open up to you, they are some of the most friendliest people you can ever meet!!)
-went to a cat cafe'!

and tomorrow i'm very excited because i'm hanging out with blog friend Hiki-san!!!

i'll make sure to post much more pictures of all these details soon! :-D

*and thank you all for joining this adventure with me!! i'm just as excited to share everything with you all! and to answer some questions: i came here alone, and yes, i have some friends here so i'm very lucky i'm not totally alone in this wondrous city!*


Vanessa said...

That cafe is so fantastic! It almost feels like you're just spending time in someone's apartment.

Koey said...

I can really feel your happiness through words:D
This cafe is so lovely. Hope I can take my camera there and shoot around.

Sun said...

I always feel excited when i see your new post on my reader list! I love the detail of the cafe! the sheep painting, camel even the wall!

Are you going to visit other prefecture as well? cat island maybe? :-p

Can't wait to hear some more happy news & beautiful pictures!

Sewon said...

What a lovely little cafe. It sounds like you're having such a good time in Japan already. I can't wait to see all the photos from your adventures!

Alex said...

Yes I agree with Vanessa, the cafe looks like an apartment.. It's so light and airy I wish I could spend some time there too! Haha!

kitchu said...

so exciting! your happiness comes through the web right to us :) magical time for you, thank you for sharing it!

Yoli said...

That cafe is dreamy!!! kitchu is right, the happiness come through to us on every post. I cannot thank you enough for sharing!

nara again said...

aw aron this totally looks like u! so happy u are happy in japan. live it up lil one :) :)

See Hear Say said...

looks such a nice little cosy unpretentious cafe! wish i was there to join you!!