29 September 2011


arrived to my new hometown at night!
its such a great little city!
i feel so lucky to be placed here
morning view outside my apartment
love the lighting and windows in my apartment!
Kakinokizaka is such a pretty neighborhood
"smorking" haha!

went to Yurakucho today to find the giant Muji!
3 floors of goodness!
ham katsu! ほんとうおいしかった!

this cute cafe is right outside my apartment!
i think i'm going to spend my journal writing time in here
but, it closes early at 7pm...

its my 2nd day here, and i already feel so comfortable!! Japan really is so amazing. i feel like everything so freestyle, visually. nothing is the same here. everything is beautifully different.

when i first arrived, i had a very difficult time going through the train stations in Shinjuku and Shibuya to get to the apartment office, then to my apartment. it was crazy rush hour and i had to drag around a 61 lb. luggage behind me through everything! it was extremely tiring and stressful... but when i finally got settled, i remember saying "...that was fun!" hahah

i can't explain how happy i am here. i feel so alive and almost constantly glowing! taking in every single second, i feel no time is wasted here. Japan has so much to offer me.

the jet lag is still getting to me, but for 2 days, i feel i've already done so much!!
- thoroughly explored my neighborhood. Kakinokizaka is full of beautiful homes, cafe's, schools, restaurants, parks, shops, and pretty side streets.
- already made friends at this bar down the street from my apartment. coincidentally, it's a Hawaiian decorated Izakaya! i got a little drunk with the owner and some of his regular customers! they were all very friendly to me :-)
- took the train to Ginza side and went shopping in a giant electronic department store, then to the giant Muji in Yurakucho to buy a notebook to start my daily journal!

i will try to take you all along on this ADVENTURE with me throughout my days!!! i probably won't post everyday, and of course forget some details, but hopefully my pictures can capture this journey well enough for all you friends to enjoy too! ♥



shellie said...

how exciting!!! i love the pictures of the school girls. i have to say im a little jealous!!

Sun said...

Daaamn, everything is so beautiful! I bet the air smell nice too! hahaha

Jay said...

Please do update on everything that you do there!

I am thinking I may want to look into teaching English in Japan... if you come across any legitimate programs, please let me know! :)

It looks like a wonderful place to explore.

Yoli said...

Oh what a dream place!!! I am so excited for you!! I wish I could do the same. I know exactly how you feel.


thwany said...

awesome! i'm looking forward to reading about your time there.

kitchu said...

How wonderful to feel the excitement and happiness coming from you through your words! I am so very happy for you. I wish I could do the same, be in Japan, a place I have longed to spend significant time in... I look forward to hearing of your time there- the pictures are wonderful!

RACHAEL said...

OH - so very envious! and can't wait to keep up to date with your adventures :)

Lavender Playground said...

Very jealous- it looks like such a great place, take lots of pics for me!

sapphire said...

so jealous...
you make me wannna go to Japan too!

more photo please! :)

See Hear Say said...

how very exciting!! how long are you there? are you travelling by yourself and do you know anyone there? very jealous!

KC said...

you're lucky to experience japan. i'm praying i get to see japan soon. and reading your blog makes me want it even more.


mike said...

welcome to tokyo! ^^ we have very very nice weather lately, especially in the afternoon.

Johanna Tagada said...

I travel through your pictures :), thank you.

Do you speak, write and read Japanese fluently?

I wish you a great weekend!

bonnie said...

Congratulations on making it in and settling in so well!! I love your blog and I'm excited about your further adventures in Japan~ keep it up!!! :D

gemma said...

ようこそ! I'm glad you're making new friends already. Looking forward to seeing Tokyo through your eyes. x

baba said...

I just..
That is really amazing. I'm so happy just looking at these photos I can't even imagine how excited you are to actually be living this life now.
It's absolutely incredible...

eat.write said...

i'm loving your japan pictures. :-) i hope you enjoy your stay there. i'm also living here in tokyo for the year. see you around. :-)

Rick Manzano said...

oh my. being inside the huge muji must have been orgasmic!

saya said...

Hi aron !! how are you??i hope you remember me.i have a question !!
did you rent apartment when you stay in Tokyo?
my singapore friend looking for cheap apartments in tokyo. (she might be moving over to tokyo for 6 months to a year) so if you know good apartment, plz tell me.
えいご 下手でごめんね!!