15 October 2011

nights out!

the first 8 pictures are from last wednesday when i went to my friend Mai's, boyfriends hip hop performance in Shibuya! すごくたのしかった! they were so amazing live! very very talented guys!

thats me and my friend Koichi in the front, of their rap group
"No smoking in the boys room". on the far right is Mai's
boyfriend, Ta-chan, and on the far left with the red beanie
is Sugu-chan! i kind of forgot the others names, but they
were all so kind and funny!
my friend Mai is on the far right, with her
friend Ayaka and Naomi! also very sweet!

girlfriend and boyfriend ♥
they are the SWEETEST couple i have ever met!

the last 3 pictures are from last night when my friend Yuka,
and her friend Megumi, took me to the gay club disctrict
in Shinjuku Ni-chome. also ちょたのしかった!

i was SO starstruck and surprised when i saw JONTE!!!
he was just walking around with his other famous dancer friends!
Jonte is an AMAZING dancer!! he has his own concerts, but is
also well known for being one of Beyonce's choreographers! he is
in many many of her music videos! very famous in America,
but also more so in Japan! he was very kind and took pictures
with us and talking to us! when we saw him in the club again, he
was waving to us and came over and talked story! やさひい!!

you can't go to Japan and not go clubbing! it is just a bit difficult to wait till 5am until the first train starts, because back home in Hawaii, everything closes at 2am, so i am used to going home much earlier and sleeping much earlier. hahah i also don't go out too much when i am home, so my friends always tease me that i am a grandpa :-p


Sun said...

HAHAHA of course it must be amazing! :-p (you make me laugh reading this post)

Amelia said...

lol I put gay club in my place to go's list right after reading this! I'm glad that u r having fun in Japan!

nara said...

haha omg right, i went to that gay night at ageha and everyone looked like ryan ota and acted all straight until we got to the club.

Yoli said...

Love it!!! What a great night you had my friend! Keep the pictures coming!

Yoli said...

I sent the send button too soon. I am also happy you have connected with the gay community there.

hiki said...

wa ha ha! you made lough too what a happy post :)
yeh it's hard to tell who is gay in japan, ne! often it surprises me that who i think would be gay are straight in japan!! but i heard gay people can tell who are gay in japan, i wonder how that works!

See Hear Say said...

so much story to tell, this post makes me laugh, you are so funny! makes me curious and want to go check out japanese gay club district lol

and by they i don't go out much either, not just because i live far but i am as well just too lazy, my friends too call me grandma.

Tish said...

What camera are you using, Aaron?
The photographs are awesomely stunning. You're making me so envy of your trip to Japan!

Looking forward to your upcoming post! xx

Anonymous said...

Haha, funny you say that because they all look gay to me!!!

Jonte, what happened to his hair!?

Anonymous said...


that is so funny, my flatmate was just telling me that he often sees Jonte (he works at Arch, if you went there 新宿二丁目) and I read your blog and bam there`s a picture! lol

he often invites me to go clubbing in that area and i always pass, but after this post I think i want to go (^^


thwany said...

japanese boys are so cute.

great pics! glad to see you're having a great time.

kitchu said...

so happy you are having this much fun and have connected with the gay community there!! also glad you are making the most of your time and not staying in to be a "grandpa" (that made me laugh)!