16 April 2014

hello hello!

Just a small and random blog post to prove I'm still alive and care about my blog still. hahah!  I have a Kyoto post to do, and also a Cherry blossom post!  I can't believe sakura season is already over! It came and went so fast, but was so beautiful... One of my life goals was to see cherry blossoms in Japan and I am so thrilled to cross that off my bucket list!
Pictures to come....

ps: I can't believe it's already been half a year since I moved to Japan!


Anonymous said...

Half a year, wow I can't believe it either! I'm still here too. Just wanted to say hi. xx A.

Anonymous said...

I was just in Japan but left right before the all the trees were in bloom. So glad you got to enjoy all the pretty flowers (and maybe participate in a hanami or two?). Have fun!

Anikaviro said...

Just left Japan 2 months ago and I so want to see hanami again :__)
Hope to see your sakura photo post soon!

Mai said...

I can't wait to see your posts ^^! I'm a new follower, but looking over your past posts gave me a huge sense of nostalgia. I moved to Japan in December 2013 and moved back to America in December 2013, so I feel like I can relate to your experiences. I know that when I was in Japan, I neglected my blog a ton since I was never home to update. Enjoy your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Get on it girl!

Pratiksha said...

hi i just found your blog. i could cross off the hanami from my bucket list this year. took a short trip (first trip) to japan just for hanami. :-)
i loved your blog and can't wait to see your cherry blossom post. mata ne!

PS - if you like, visit my blog to check for some film photos of sakura. :-)

Anonymous said...

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