07 March 2014

My first winter!

Winter came, and it was absolutely magical for me!  This was my first time EVER seeing snow fall, and it was such a beautiful sight to see.  The way it danced on it's way down, I've never seen such movement before.  It was almost as if I was underwater.  Also, I didn't realize how soft fresh snow was!  It really is like powder!  So of course, the morning it snowed, I woke up and opened my curtains and started screaming with joy! Then I called my family back home in Hawaii and showed them pictures and videos, and then I went outside and played in the snow like a child. 

BUT, with the beautiful came the horrible... 
Because I lived in Hawaii my whole life, where it's summer all year round, my body was NOT prepared for this drastic weather change!  I've been sick a total of 4 times already, having to miss so much work.  I was even in the clinic for 5 days getting IV treatment because I was over dehydrated from this dry winter.  And when it rains after the snow, everything just gets so much worse!  Everywhere was flooded temperatures shot down even more, and I wasn't prepared with rain/snow boots, so some days I went to work walking in freezing water up to my ankles... absolutely soaking!

Well, that was my first ever snow experience!  hahaha!  As beautiful as it was, I think that's enough snow for this Hawaii boy.  

Oh also,  Last week was my birthday!!!  It was the first time spending my birthday in another country, and Tokyo did well!! I was out all day, eating, shopping, went to a cat cafe, and later partied with some friends all night long!  We went bar-hopping, sang Karaoke for 3 hours, and drank until the first trains started back up.  Good times ♥


Anonymous said...

Beautiful story! It reminds me of my trip to Jordan during winter 2007. Lots of snow there, I met two little children from Qatar. It was their first snow ever and they were so happy! Wonderful moment. :-)

Happy birthday!

Prisilia Felicia said...

It's such a shame I just discovered your blog recently.
Beautiful pictures! I've always wondered how it feels like to experience winter. What happened to you is one of my fear, though. That my body won't adjust well haha. Anyway sounds like an amazing birthday. Happy belated birthday! (:
Would love to see your amazing shots on my instagram feed, may I know your username?

Alex said...

I love your photos! I hope you get better soon! Being sick in a foreign country can be more stressful than at home. Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated!!

Luuworld said...

congrats on your first snow experience! sound like you enjoyed it (minus the colds you got!)

i'd trade norwegian winters for hawaiian winters any day though...

Mari said...

Cat cafe! How cute!

Bea said...

Belated happy birthday! And yay on your first winter. The chanhe of weather will really make you sick. I just left my home country a month ago and living where weathers are extremes and I got sick for 3 weeks. Let's just take care of our health.

sokkuan tye said...

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Arigatou! :-)


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Belle Fleur de Lis said...

winter is magical went it snows.
sad to hear you got sick, i hope you are getting better.
it is been such long time ago when i last came visiting your blog, i must come back more often, i hear your blog song again and my day starts really great. until soon and all the best for you overthere ❊

ai said...

I giggled reading the way you described snow. I grew up with so much snow, so it's refreshing to hear like that.

Glad to see that you are enjoying the new life in Tokyo (minus getting sick).


querido diário said...

i have been keeping up with your adventures in Tokyo trough instagram and you seem to be having a great time <3

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