04 February 2014

Japanesesong Trip

I quickly fell in love with this couple the minute I came across them on Instagram.  Full of journeys and intimate moments between this pair is enough to turn any ordinary day into one with a pleasantly different outlook.

David (a South African) and Koichi (a native Japanese), really take 'traveling' to another level for me.  So happy to see that they started their very own travel blog, got me more than excited.  With high quality snapshots and stories that will have you smiling from ear to ear, I instantly became a fan of their adventures.

As I mentioned, the Japanese and English translated stories really are the icing on the cake.  Reading though the incredibly fresh and simply put dialogue that goes along perfectly with each trip, really paints a vivid picture as to their whole experience.  As if watching their movie, each story is filled with cultural tidbits about the current location, as well as beautifully written little anecdotes that remind me how human we really are.  (my favourite is the Setouchi Triennale 2013 piece!)


Sun said...

Yes! I'm instantly falling in love with their instagram the first time i saw it! More like kinda jealous of their journey, haha :D They are kinda reminds me of a couple (i forgot the name), the one that shoot stills for a movie, Weekend, but more subtle. So excited with their new site!

Rina said...

How are you Aron-kun! Enjoying snowy Tokyo? I hope you are staying warm with lots of occha, nabe, and kotatsus. mmm.
How can one not be fan of these two! The writing is so eloquent, it just leaves me wishing I was there.
definitely could not stop smiling while looking at their photos (Miyajima is my favorite!)
take care and stay warm, ne, Aron-kun~
♥ ♥

Jeca said...

Hello from Philippines! May I know your instagram username? :)

Jeca said...

Hello from Philippines! May I know your instagram username? :)

kiki said...

hi aron :) i do really want to follow you on instagram, may i know your user name?

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