24 May 2012

the start of summer!

last week, i got to meet and hang out with one of my good blog friends!  his name is David and he is the owner of his very own boutique in Vancouver, Canada called The Board of Trade Co.  i mentioned about him before in a previous post as he kindly sent me an awesome pair of pants as a gift!

him and one of his good childhood friends, Cara (visiting from Singapore), were on a cruise together with family as they stopped over in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Bora bora , and lastly here in Hawaii! (aren't you envious? haha)  their stop over in Oahu was only for 12 hours, so we made the most of it as i picked them up from the cruise docks and took them on a adventure through North Shore!  it was such a fun filled day!  we later headed back to town and took purikura, then had dinner with Cara's other friend who also lives here.  

just meeting them for the first time and hanging out for 12 hours, i can already tell we will be great friends for a very long time! they are such delightful and fun people... once again, it amazes me how blogging and networking can build such great friendships ♡

... and also!
one of my best friends, Shaina (who now lives in California) is visiting the islands for 2 weeks!  we haven't seen each other in 2 years, so it's going to be fun hanging out and catching up!

we already spent some nice quality time making jewelry together! hahah those are some of the new materials i bought and also some new skull necklaces i just made as well.

...and aaalso! 
one of my other friends, Tiare (who now lives in Seattle) is visiting for a week, and we have not seen each other in 8 years!! so last night a group of us went out for dinner and drinks, and ended with karaoke! 

...its so nice to see everyone coming back to Hawaii for the summer ☀


KC said...

look who's having so much fun. i am totally loving those colorful skulls.


David said...

happy days! (:

thwany said...

Fun! Looks like you had a great time with your friends.

Yoli said...

Oh Aron how fun!! All your friends sound delightful! What great pictures.

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh how I wish I still live in Vancouver sometimes