29 May 2012

jewelry inspiration

some pretty pictures i found on Purse and Boots blog and Spells and the Gypsy Collective blog.  even though i don't make rings, they are still huge inspirations of mine to make necklaces!  i'm on my hunt to find a perfect and tiny turquoise ring at the moment.  today, spending my day off making some new creations! :-D

have a good week ♡


christine chang said...

love your mood boarding for jewelry making! :) so excited to see what you come up with!

random, what's your instagram user name? i would love to follow you!

Yoli said...

Lovely rings and necklaces. You need your own Etsy shop if you want to start making them. I bet they would sell well along with your t-shirts. I would buy. :)

I agree with Christine what is your instagram user name I would love to follow you too!!!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh and before
i forget, do you have facebook?

Make it Easy said...

thank you very much!!!
my instagram is "iiimono"

thank you Yoli!!
i think i will definitely make my own etsy soon!! i am just waiting for a package to come in the mail that will help me better display my jewelry! :-)
and wow, you remember my tshirt project too! hahah thanks a lot!
my instagram is "iiimono"

ooh im sorry, i dont have a facebook :-p

Camila Faria said...

Oh, wow, amazing rings! Such cool inspirations!

Rina said...

Oh Aron you're into jewelry making now?
So great!すごいですね!
I saw some of your work in the previous post,
I really like it!
(let me know if you every decide to sell any,
I would totally love to buy something!)
It looks like you have been busy and you're having sumer with summer,
which is great!
I need find somethings to do this summer, so I won't be so bored. haha.
you're going to be my inspiration Aron!