05 March 2012

my birthday weekend!

last thursday was my 25th birthday! its my silver anniversary! hahah i can't believe how time flies... i know i am definitely not young anymore O_O but it's nice to keep growing forward :-)

i celebrated with family and friends this whole weekend! i went to a lot of BBQs and ate out a lot! it was very fun and delicious! just wanted to share some of the photos from my birthday on instagram! ♥


(Tanko playing hide and seek)

(nabe dinner! おいしかった!)

(2 person karaoke with one of my best friends!)
(shoes i gifted to myself. haha)
(my sister got me these huge balloons! so sweet)
(at a BBQ at my house, my friend brought his violin
and serenaded all of us! it was so special ♡ )
(i gave my birthday lei to Mimi)

(and this adorable french bulldog is named Rabbit!
because every time she barks, her whole body jumps
up! shes sooo cute! her nails are even painted!)

and thank you to those who emailed me and commented on my instagram with birthday wishes! so sweet! ありがとうございました!ちょうれしい ♥ :-D


odessa said...

you have great instagram pics!

Hello Sandwich said...

Happy Birthday! Wow 25 IS young! Compared to me 31~!!! ahhhh!
It looks like you had a lovely birthday! I hope you will come to Tokyo again soon! P.S. Tonight I will go to listen to Haruka Nakamura at a small gallery! xoxo

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

LOL the violin! aww I wish I could've been there on your birthday D: next year for sure!!!

Sun said...


かんぱい for your birthday! A lot of huge balloons every birthday ne~

Jay said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a good one. My birthday is this Saturday. Not ready to be another year older

Lavender Playground said...

Happy bday! Can't believe it's been a year already, whats ur instagram username? If recently joined ( one week to be exact) and would love to follow u on there too!

joyce said...

happy birthday! looked like you had a good one!

red said...

maligayang kaarawan! :D

Rina said...

遅ればせながら25歳の誕生日おめでとう!!楽しそうね!Thank you for sharing your birthday photos with us! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!♥♥

OtherMix said...

Happy belated birthday! You made great pictures! I really like the violin part as well, who does that these days? :)

See Hear Say said...

happy birthday aron!!!! many happy returns x

The Jessicat said...

Belated happy birthday to you! It looks like you enjoyed yourself a whole lot :) Rabbit even has rabbit ears, ha ha!!

Yoli said...

Trust me you are very young! The best is yet to come kid, just you wait. I hope you had the most wonderful of birthdays!!! Love your pictures.

Delphine said...

oooh i can tell you had a great time, your smile is like sunshine! :D

Luuworld said...

誕生日おめでとう! 25 is YOUNG! :)
Oh and I love your hair like that. Very cool! Big birthday hug from Norway

RACHAEL said...

eep-- i know i'm a little bit late, but happy birthday! it looks like your birthday was SO much fun :) x

Johanna Tagada said...

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!! French for Happy Birthday!

I send you a lot of good and warm wishes, really believe you deserve it!

Btw I found this tumblr and directly thought was for you! But you might already know it?! http://hiddenfortress.tumblr.com/


ankyl said...

Cool pics! I like this! ;)
Follow :)

Greetings from Poland;)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
It looks like you had a good one; I'm glad. =)

leila said...

eep! love all of these and i'm a sucker for frenchies! super cute shoes, btw! happy birthday!

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

i enjoy coming here and look at the beautiful segments of your life. refreshing. and energizing.