11 March 2012

remembering 3/11 ♥

it's already been 1 year since the earthquake and tsunami disasters struck Japan, yet we must never forgot how this event changed history. let's continue to pray and show our respects for these resilient and amazing people and country! ♥

and here's also some of my street snaps of the quiet neighborhood scenes from the area i lived. i miss grocery shopping in Tokyu store! hehe :-D

and thank you for your birthday comments!!! ♡


sapphire said...

I am so proud of you Japanese.. you recovered so fast. I wonder how other country will do if the same things happen to them...:)

sabilablabla said...

How can you make wonderful picture in nearly every day?? I've been watching your blog for several months, and I hope Japan stay srong forever.. :)

Delphine said...

Last year I was preparing my trip to Japan, a long-awaited trip, and when Fukushima happened, everything just fell apart, and although I wanted to do something to help, I was so sad that I couldn't do anything... I just didn't go... But this year I am going there for one month, and hopefully in a way or another some things I will do or say or whatever, will make at least a little bit of a positive effect somewhere to someone over there... :)
Oh and by the way, if you have any tips on what to do in Kansai, or in Japan in general, please tell me anything :)

See Hear Say said...

my prayer goes to japan which i still hope to visit one day. all the best of luck for them rebuilding and recovering from the horrible disaster.

Ada Beth Croft said...

Okay, can I just say that I've liked or loved every single photo you've ever taken.

Just saying, :)

Rina said...


Sewon said...

I've been deeply moved to see how resilient and strong the Japanese are, even during times of extreme crisis and difficulty. Quite a few blogs have been posting videos of 3/11 and I've been feeling strangely shaky lately.. Ah, on a brighter note......HAPPY BELATED BDAY!

thwany said...

Time sure flies.

Thanks for these photos.