27 February 2012

Peacock Flats Camping!

here's pictures from my camping trip over this past weekend! believe it or not, it was actually my very first real camping experience, and it was super fun!!! the camping grounds is a beautiful place called Peacock Flats (yes, there are wild peacock roaming around!), which was about a 1.5 hour drive up the mountain along the west coast of our island.

there was a lot of drinking and laughs, we chopped our own wood for the fire, played games, went on a hike, danced to music, and just had a wonderful time. as my first camping trip, it will probably also be my best one too!

when i got home, i slept for 15 hours ;-p


❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

aww it's kristie! you guys seemed to have such a great time! I've never been camping like this. only stupid band camp and orchestra camp -x-

lina said...

this camping trip looks amazing! it reminds me of like a photoshoot or something that you would see in a magazine :D

Yoli said...

LOVE these shots!

thwany said...

Fun overload!

Koey said...

This set of photos is full of happiness:D
The camping ground looks really beautiful. The trees are lovely. Hope I can be there.

Jay said...

Everything is so green! I have never been camping but would be interesting in trying. I think I'd be able to survive 2 days max. :P

Rina said...

わああ!楽しそう!Actually, I might go camping over spring break!
Did you see any peacocks?
I went camping one time and a peacock chased me all the way to the camp bathrooms. ちょっとこわい。。。
I hope the peacocks were nicer to you! haha

odessa said...

looks like a lot of fun! and i'm so jealous. haven't gone camping since AGES! (errr...10 years ago? yikes!)

Claudia said...

ahh wild peacocks, that sounds scary! there's one at the toronto zoo that gets to roam around the park freely so I'm assuming he must be very socialized, but I'm always afraid I'll walk too close to him and he'll just lunge at me or something, haha.

I loveeeee your friend's hair! I don't usually like blonde on asians but it looks really great. does she have a perm too, or just the incredibly good luck to have the most perfect messy waves ever??!?!

mari said...

hi Aaron,

long time no see!! this is Mari in tokyo! how's it going??
i'm going to Hawaii in 2 weeks (really excited!), and i have to find some Japanese boys who live around Waikiki and will be able to help this big business event..... it's a paid-job! i'm so sorry that i'm posting this info here, but i don't have your email addy.... if you know someone, please let me know!!! thanks so much!!!!!!

Make it Easy said...

hahah i think i went to camp erdman in northshore when i was younger, but that wasnt really camping either. hahah

aww thank you!!!

thank you Yoli!!! <3

hahaha yes it sure was! i was exhausted after! lol

yess it was very beautiful!!!
i was surprised myself! haha

haha yes i dont htink i would be able to survive very long either! my friends were very handy and did everything for us! haha

ooh i hope you can go camping over spring break!!!
yess there was peacocks!! they were fine and just walking around, but in the morning it was scary because we were all still asleep and you can hear them screaming and it was very scary sounding kind of! haha my friend thought someone was screaming for help! haha

you should goooo!!! it just takes a lot of planning and what not. my friends had to go through a lot of paper work and permits for us to go up there!!

haha yes than can be scary!!! they are a strong bird!!! i wouldnt want to get into a fight with them! haha
ooh my friends hair!! i know she looks soooo good! umm, i know she gets her hair done at a salon but i dont know if its a perm... because shes good at hair too and maybe does it herself. shes always had wavy hair since i knew her though so maybe she curls it a bit and puts product to keep it like that? hahah hope that helps! lol

wow hii! what a surprise!! i am happy youre coming to Hawaii!! how exciting!! hmm you need japanese boys to help with your event? only boys, or girls too? hmm you can email me and tell me more about it so i can help you (hopefully). hahah
my email is: sutairu@aol.com

valu said...

ohohoho beauut

bytifani said...

thanks a lot so nice

Moustaches said...

Aron, what's your name on Instagram?