25 February 2012

Autofocus Diary

i just found from this tumblr, this adorable photo blog of pictures of a super cute Japanese boy!! you can see more at his mothers blog: Autofocus Diary.

ps: i'm going camping this weekend! :-D


Rina said...

Aron these photos are so PRECIOUS!
I squealed multiple times while looking at them. I especially like the one with the kitten!!

Jay said...

Adorable. I exploded with love seeing the photo with him and the kitten, obviously. :)

lina said...

this is really, really adorable aron! i'm definitely going to check out the links. happy camping!

thwany said...

What an adorable kid, and you can just feel his parent's love through the photos.

Louise said...

Ohh, this is adorable! And the photos are really good! I love the sense of life radiating from these pictures!

Have fun camping!!

OtherMix said...

The picture with the cate is adorable!

Have fun at the campus!

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

D'AWWW HES SO CUTE. THIS is exactly why i want a son

limegreenspyda said...

Aww... such a charmer!
Thanks for sharing - loved going through nozomi's site.

Have a great camping trip! :)

karine {Pieni} said...

Super cute!