18 February 2012


i just wanted to share with you all one of my good friends, Monica! she is also originally from Hawaii, but now currently working and living in Tokyo. it was such a joy to hang out with her while i was staying in Japan. super sweet and very fashionable! you can check out her cute blog at Mon Rabu, where she posts her everyday life in Japan.

i also wanted to share this video she just made!! its super sweet and very well done! not to mention the music (Coldplay - "Lovers in Japan") matches it pitch-perfect. i was so surprised that she also included footage of me in her adventure of friends! ♥


KC said...

i'll totally do this when i get to visit other countries. it's really nice to put your adventures into a creative video.


Sewon said...

Lovely video of Tokyo by your friend! I've always wanted to visit Hawaii, too.

Rina said...

That video is so great! She did a real good job!! I do remember seeing her in quite a few of your photos. She was the one who took you to the cat cafe, right?
Look there's Aron in the video!! かっこいい!♥♥

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

D'AWWW *blushes* thank you, Aron! Can't wait to see you again~~~we'll take much more pictures and videos okkkkkkkkkkkkkk?