02 December 2010


one of my favourite Japanese instrumentalists, Skrew Kid, just came out with a new album (room tapes) which i am so excited about! his first album (speak slowly) is probably one of my top 5 albums of all time. it debuted in 2005, so i waited very patiently for 5 years for a new album and it is finally here!

befriending him on myspace years ago, he actually was kind enough to send me a recent email to tell about his new album (and how he also enjoyed his recent trip to Hawaii! haha). so i ordered the cd right away... i'm actually listening to it right now as i type this post. his music is very soothing and fun at the same time. when i listen to his music, i always imagine myself in the beautiful country side of Japan enjoying the peaceful sun while riding a bike or something. it's very relaxing and always makes me happy :-)


ps: 2 more weeks till this semester is over. . . time for finals!! (boo)
christmas is coming!! (yay)

pps: i've been comfortably reading this book every night before i go to bed. reading about moomins in the winter as i fall asleep is so cozy as christmas sneaks up on us.


Vanessa said...

Mumin trolls! Here in Scandinavia, everything looks like Moominland midwinter right now. Very cozy :-)

Hilos de luz said...

Oh, oh, the disck cover is a photo of my city! Valencia, Spain (San Vicente Martir & Pescadería streets)


Just a bit surprised xD I like your blog ^^

Tana said...

Mumin trolls!! one of my favourite, always want to reread it in winter!
guess I do it now
thank you

Sam Wahyudi said...

wow! I am now listening to Rewand Demo after listening to some other songs of him. I like it , very nice and, yes- its relaxing and making happy! :D
thanks for sharing aron!

shellie said...

thanks for such a relaxing choice of music...i really love it...

Len said...

hi, I'm from brazil and I have been reading your blog for a couple of months. I've found some videos that you might like. I don't know if you have ever seen one of them, but here they are:
I hope you like it :D
Oh, and I love your blog!

Hello Sandwich said...

oooo I want to buy it too! i looked on itunes and couldn't find it :( xoxo

Make it Easy said...

you can buy it on hmv.co.jp :-)

thanks for the videos!!!!

saunders said...

i just brought his first album from iTunes last night

the album is wonderful! Thanks so much for the recommendation!


i can't find his new one anywhere online to purchase :/ .. someone please help me! :o