28 November 2010


as i have caught a winter cold, i have been comforting myself at home all these past days by listening to the sweet melodies of Nedelle Torrisi. i bought her first album when i was in high school, but only now have i purchased her other records, which still has it's lasting appeal to sooth any listener.

with her petite folk style guitar tunes and simple yet classy voice, she has definitely become one of my favourite artists in my easy-listening catalog. along with her solo work, she has become apart of various projects and bands: Nedelle & Thom, The Curtains, and Cryptacize.

hope you all have been doing well. stay warm this winter! and thank you for your kind words of my father, it means a lot to me :-)


Rina said...

oh no Aron!早く治してね. ):
oo, my friend saw her at SXSW, and she said that she was SPECTACULAR. I haven't listened to anything by her yet, but now I surely will.
Aron stay warm too!! <3

Yoli said...

Very pleasant voice!

dji said...

I love nedelle! she's amazing <3

Anonymous said...

i agree with you and all the commenters: nedelle is the best. (searching for nedelle news is how i found your blog!) saw her twice with cryptacize and am eagerly awaiting the new solo record.

furthermore: i have a cold too! get well soon!

best wishes from chicagoland

Tara Martinez said...

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