19 October 2010


so i finally watched Kamome Diner! hahah, i know a lot of you have probably already seen this and i remember many of you recommending this movie to me (especially my good friend Sun, who also helped me find the movie online! thanks again!). i thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

this film was made a while back in 2006, and right after the movie 'Megane' was created by the same director (which i did a post on because i loved that film so much too!)

i love how this Japanese film takes place entirely in Finland. it was so interesting to hear both languages continuously cross paths. i was so impressed by the main actress that she could speak Finnish too! not only did the food look delicious and the cafe have a simplistic elegance to it, but i also loved all the small references they made to Moomins!

*update* sorry i forgot to link you! i added it in the comments!! :-D


satu said...

the cafe is still here! it's not nearly as nice but japanese tourists love it.

Yoli said...

I have it on my netflix que to see next! I love the images you have posted. Can't wait to see it!

Sun said...

@Satu, they run the cafe for real? :-O *wow*

Rina said...

I saw this a while back on youtube!
it looked so good. Glad to hear that you liked it. Did you see any moomins? They are from Findland! ; )

See Hear Say said...

oh i wanna see this one too! did you say you found this movie online? pls email me the link??

hila said...

looks great! I'll have to find a copy of it.

Galit said...

Have to admit I haven't heard of it but the stills and your little review are so great! I'll have to find it now! (can you maybe share where did you find it online?)

jenna said...

i must be a hermit! i've never even heard of this. oh wow. aron, where did you find it online? of course i'm intrigued by this film and of course with this finnish japanese thing. these small cultural similarities of lands so far apart from each other are fascinating to me.

Make it Easy said...

hey guys!
sorry i forgot to link you!!!!
i downloaded them from a torrent here:

and you can slo try downloading it here:

hope these work!!

hildegarde said...

oh my, greatly appreciated thank you for the links

Ella said...

the aesthetics look wonderful!

thwany said...

i totally agree with ella

Miss T said...

oouhhh thank you for posting this. been looking for the title for a long time now.
Hope you're well. :D

every single day. said...

ohhh. <3 how interesting, I better check this movie out. Btw, it's my first time on this blog and I'd like to call it my very favorite blog to visit from here on out. :)

Yoli said...

Where are you? I miss your posts.

Anonymous said...

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