11 January 2010

back to school!

today was the first day of the spring 2010 semester. im excited to get to use my new canvas backpack i got in the Philippines at the Bench store! i always switch bags on a weekly basis anyway :-p

-American Studies 310: Japanese Americans
-Art 213: Intermediate Drawing
-Art 214: Intermediate Life Drawing (nude models! woo!)
-Art 490: Art/Architecture History of Thailand

i've got my work cut out for me. listening to the amount of readings and studio time i'm going to have to put in this semester...i hope i can make it!


jenna said...

my ipod is that colour too! and wow, your bag is beautiful. lovely colour and design. you make school look cool. ;) (i couldn't avoid the corny rhyme, i had to!)

marie said...

sounds like fun - goodluck :)
thats a great backpack!

Make it Easy said...

yay, ipod buddies!
haha thanks, youre too sweet :-D

thank you very much marie <3

sun. said...

your bag seems nice, quite muji like, haha, it got stripes inside? i'm still looking for a nice plain canvas bag here.
: (

Make it Easy said...

yes the inside lining is striped! nice detail huh :-)

\@-@/ said...

goood luck to school! :)

the ramen girl said...

there's so little things in your bag! is this the minimalist way of packing?

all the best for school!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck!

By the way, is it a handkerchief that I'm looking at? I thought it was only us Japanese who use them on a daily basis. ;-)

Kate said...

I love school supplies! :)

Make it Easy said...

mike: thanks!

ramen girl: haha well it was the first day of class, i dont need much. im sure my bag will fill more as assignments head my way!

aixxx: arigatou! haha yes its a totoro handkerchief from the ghibli museum in japan! my friend got it for me, i enjoy using it :-)

kate: me too! its fun shopping for school, haha

follow your bliss said...

good luck with your classes!

Anonymous said...

what course are you studying?

Make it Easy said...

im an art major, studio focus in drawing :-)