09 January 2010

i would like to introduce my new blog crush: The Tokyo Connection. from brilliant photos throughout Japans most famous city, to journeys through everyday life, this blog opens a window into a place i constantly dream about going back to. the man behind this great vision: Mike, a 24 year old grad student who moved to Tokyo 1.5 years ago... i love that light cream tint over all the photos.

すてきですね~.. うらやましい !


style.dk said...

woow, stunning pics!

at swim-two-birds said...

i'm so in love with these photos!!
saw them on hello sandwich blog.

Isavoyage said...

i have discovered your blog today.
i have fallen in love with your blog today.
thank you for sharing these pictures, they make me dream so intensely.
isabelle from France

Anonymous said...

What's your name?
I have always loved to enter your page is very special, I love your culture and your atmosphere,! I'm just too far .. ajaja, in chile ... and now your new blog will know,
'll get more and then to Tokyo .... jajaa

thank you very much!

catkin and teasel said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful. Instant favourite. I can't wait to go back!

Sarah said...

love the creamy colors too. i can't wait to read this blog more. Thanks for sharing.

jagulor said...

your my new blog crush

your music is like the dream I want to have tonight

you might even like my musings

http://www. lalahiprism.blogspot.com

warm regards and love Kym
La La H I prism

Make it Easy said...

isabelle from france:
merci! :-)
you are so kind. i am so happy you enjoy my blog <3

thank YOU very much!
my name is Aron. i am pleased to meet you! thank you so much for visiting my blog!

arent they?! i cant to go back too!!

you are very welcome, thank you!

(that a great name! i have never seen it spelt like that before, i only seen Kim)
you are much to kind. i appreciate that so much. thank you for your love and support. i saw your post about me on your blog :-D

\@-@/ said...

thanks aron for this post.

thanks thanks thanks everyone for the nice comments! :)

Madame Alfred said...

I like your pictures (images fanées et poétiques) . i think to a Murakami's book : (in french!) Les chroniques de l'oiseau à ressort ... a mysterious alley.