11 January 2010

found on the very nice french blog, Pomme. i can't help myself. this is just too adorable for words. this little man is awesome, everything about this amazing to me!

...and since i'm on the topic of cute kids, i thought i'd share another great french website that has the most photogenic children! its called Les Zigouis, the photos below are from that website. another pretty french website: Les petites choses de Piou.



shleepy said...

oh, those children are precious!!
They have a better fashion sense then me! ha. :)

Make it Easy said...

i know! kids now a days are dressing so perfect! its not fair, hahah

Luuworld said...

cute kids!

Anonymous said...

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danica said...

aww cute! welcome back too :)

Anonymous said...

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