10 June 2009

the Usual Beauty

i realize that i tend to post the same types of photos throughout my blog. (the dreamy lifestyle in Japan.)  i apologize if this gets bothersome and tiring for you all, but it certainly still does the trick for me.  it's sort of self therapy in a sense.  these beautiful photos are done by Nao, a university student in Kyoto. 

i've been quite moody lately.  getting irritated and bothered by silly little issues that i can't change or have no business being mad about.  it's stupid really. i always have to keep reminding myself that, yes, i CAN'T change it and it's NOT my business. oh, me :-p


yasu said...

oh i totally understand what you mean. i get moody often too and get upset about something i cant change. i need to remind myself that too.

alice said...

I love that dreamy aesthetic too :)

Windy Days said...

Well I love them, so I don't mind if you keep posting! :)
I can be quite moody sometimes too, hope you feel better soon!
Also, I'll definitely have the interview by you tomorrow, work and school have been a bit crazy this week!

Celine said...

I will never tire of image of the dreamy lifestyle in Japan. I love the photos you post. They inspire me to take more photos like it.
We all get in a flurry of moodiness sometimes. I hope the cloud passes over your head soon :)

Make it Easy said...

we can remind each other :-)

im so glad you enjoy it as much as i do!

windy days:
ahh im glad! i know you'd still love it too!
thank you :-)
ooh take your time with the interview! its all ok, we all got busy lives, haha

im so glad!!!
thank you for your kindness :-)

ii-ne-kore said...

oh, we can never get enough of your dreamy japan-inspired posts! the first photo you chose is so very great - i was back in the streets of kyoto in an instant - thankyou!

JecaOnline said...

Hello! The photos are always great. It gives me this sense of calmness. It's spontaneous, simple and natural. Makes me wanna live that way. Keep it coming! :)

hiki said...

I love and enjoy images you post here! Even the ones of Japan looks different to me seeing through your filter!

at swim-two-birds said...

That's why i like them so much!
These pictures are just wonderful!
Thanks for visiting, nice to meet somebody with the same taste of humour, i mean the shells :)
I also like the pictures of Jan Van Holleken a lot!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

hanna said...

Maybe you´re just human? That seems perfectly normal to me. And also-to get annoyed with the fact tht one is annoyed. I process like that constantly, but it´s better not to get too hard on yourself. Eventually there will be a day when you feel amazingly at eaze!

Make it Easy said...

iinekore + jecaonline + hiki + atswim2birds:
i really THANK you. you ALL are such great blog friends. i feed off all your wonderful energy which inspires me to post things i love so much. im so so happy we can all enjoy japans beauty!!!!

thank you so much. i am already feeling much better. i understand too, how you said you get annoyed at just BEING annoyed....oh yes!! i know this too! haha

benz said...

hey there!
I just followed your comment on my blog and got here :) Just wanted to say I enjoyed your beautiful posts a lot!

hanna said...

What camera are you using for these pictures?

Make it Easy said...

haha no no, theres a link at the top of this post that explains the photographer a bit.
i WISH i could take photos like these!!