10 June 2009

Malaysian Sensation

Zee Avi makes beautiful music with her guitar and ukulele skills along with her amazing vintage voice. i just love this new artist, especially how she originally comes from Malaysia. other than Thao Nguyen, you dont see this kind of talent very often!


Hello Sandwich said...

Yes isn't she amazing! Dawn Tan put me onto her and I posted about her at the bottom of this post: http://hellosandwich.blogspot.com/2009/06/i-love-dawn-tan.html
soooo gorgeous! I keep her myspace page up often just so I can hear such lovely music! as I do your page sometimes too! hehe!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Make it Easy said...

ooh! i didnt see that, hehe
yess, her music has got me in a trance!
its so great :-D

ifzan said...

shes signed to jack johnson's label & played at our cuppacakes party last year :)

Make it Easy said...

oh whaaat!!! really? haha thats awesome! ya, when i found out about her just yesterday, i was thinking to myself "i wonder if ifzan knows her!?" haha

ifzan said...

she used to go by the name Kokokaina.
i prefer that to her real name. its cuter.

Make it Easy said...

ya i like kokokaina much better too!
it sounds hawaiian :-D haha

Light and Writing said...

her voice is beautiful! Love it all!