13 June 2009


i have not seen a film that i loved in it's entirety in a very long time, but this one changed all that.  Tokyo Sora is a mix between Lost In Translation (which i'm sure we have all seen) and Cafe Lumiere (if you haven't seen this one, its beautiful too).  i just love these types of films: self discovery, longing for some form of companionship, beautiful cinematography, and minimal yet necessary dialogue (which really lets you appreciate and study human behavior in silence.)  their actions really do speak louder than words.

this story focuses on 6 different women, 6 stories, and 1 theme:  changing loneliness.  also, each shot/scene in the film looks like a photograph. it's all so nice!


Fine Little Day said...

I have to see it!

hiki said...

I thought of going to see this film and never did, but now I think I will get the DVD out and see it! Then I might have some japanese film I can recommend to you, I'm an "eiga otaku"!!

Light and Writing said...

This looks amazing! These stills are beautiful too!

Make it Easy said...

fine little day:
please do!! i ordered it on ebay! only about 12$

eee~ boku mo!
please recommend some to me! :-)
because you're nihonjin and still live there, you must know the best ones!!! <3

light + writing:
just wait till you see the movie so much more of this greatness!

JecaOnline said...

Do you think I can watch it here somewhere in the internet? :)

yasu said...

me too love this type of films

Make it Easy said...

ooh i have no idea. im sorry, i dont watch or know any online movie websites :-(

yes! before i didnt care for them, i thought they were boring. but now i am mistaken. ahah

Windy Days said...

This looks great, I must find it! I seem to like stories about loneliness! :P

danica said...

i will have to track this down - it looks beautiful. lost in translation is one of my all time favourite films and i really liked cafe lumiere when i watched it last year. thanks for the tip!

R said...

damn i love this, im gonna have to hunt it down!!

J.Yo said...

oh this is so lovely.. i love the song on the video too! MUST FIND IT.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the suggestions, i'm going to check them both out!

Hello Sandwich said...

This looks so beautiful! I would love to see it! Thank you for sharing! Also I am so in love with lullatone! I am downloading from itunes as I type this to you! Its so beautiful! You have the best taste in music!
Happy weekend sweet one.
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen either Tokyo Sora or Cafe Lumiere but the clips look outstanding. Thanks for posting this.