17 June 2009

Windy Days

i had the privilege of interviewing the wonderful Angie (Windy Days) last week!  i just love her blog and the mood and feeling it encompasses, so i thought it would be interesting to get to know a little more about the mind behind this beauty. the questions i asked her were quite random.  i think it's the little/simple things about someone that makes their lives so grand. 

Make It Easy: How do you perceive love? What does it do for you?
Windy Days: Love to me are the little things you do for someone, like handwriting them a note or knowing all their stories off by heart. It sounds cliche, but a world without love would be meaningless. 

MIE: What is your favourite thing you've done in life so far?
WD: Probably all the times i've spent traveling with my friends and family. One year we camped near the beach, swam everyday and made bonfires at night. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom. 

MIE: Sunrise or sunset? (any particular reason)
WD: Sunset, simply because i tend to feel more awake and inspired at night. As much as i'd like to be a morning person, I just dont seem to be!

MIE: Is there a story behind your blog name? 
WD: Starting my blog was quite spur of the moment for me. it had been an unusually windy day (a large gum tree had even blown down in the middle of my university and caused some chaos).  the name popped into my head and it just kind of seemed right. i started my blog more as a personal thing and never expected to find so many great people through it, so i'm really glad i did. 

MIE: Do you know how your parents fell in love?
WD: They met way back at a university dance in the eighties. my dad asked my mum to dance and the rest is history as they say...

MIE: (a quote from 'Streetcar Named Desire') "Beauty of the mind, richness of the spirit, and tenderness of the heart"... if you had to pick one that best describes you, which would it be?
WD:  Tenderness of the heart.  i think i react to the world in an emotional way and was a bit oversensitive as a kid (probably still am).

MIE: What is the last wish you made?
WD:  To find the perfect job that allows me to study part-time and isn't retail!

MIE:  Which movie best portrays (or would like to portray) your essence of life?
WD: I'd love to live in an Hayao Miyazaki film, in one of those charming villages. otherwise a film by Michel Gondry where strange and wonderful things happen all the time. 

MIE: One thing you can't wait to do in your life/future?
WD: So many things! travel, fall in love, and eat really yummy food. i'd also really like to publish some sort of book or magazine one day. 

MIE: Besides your family members, who do you think considers you their favourite person?
WD: Probably my friend Dave. we are very old friends and he always knows how to make me laugh.

MIE: What is the last/best compliment that you remember a stranger gave you?
WD: An old man at work said i had a nice smile.

MIE: Current obsessions/infatuations?
WD: Finding the perfect winter scarf, plants, Apartamento magazine, childhood, banana crepes, Metropolis bookstore.

MIE: What song, do you think, says so much about you?
WD: Thats a hard question! 'Brown eyed girl' by Van Morrison has special meaning for me and it's a song that reminds me of happy times.

MIE: and finally, What do you appreciate about YOURSELF the most?
WD: An open mind and the ability to laugh at myself. 

i want to give a huge hug to Angie for letting me interview her and providing such naturally wonderful answers! thank you, it was fun! and to top it off, here's some pictures i personally picked/found that remind me of the beautiful Windy Days blog 


danica said...

what a charming interview! i have been reading windy days for about a year now and i never knew angie's name. it is so lovely to read more about her.

i hope you do more of these interviews :)

Make it Easy said...

she, is definitely charming!!
im so happy you liked it, thank you :-D

Fine Little Day said...

Lot of nice photos on her blog. Like your interview, and your new header :)

Make it Easy said...

thank you elisabeth!
i had to change that other header, i got tired of it really fast. it was too much. haha, im sure this new one is here to stay much longer :-)

Windy Days said...

Aw, Aron thank you so much for interviewing me!! I would like to give you a big hug too! The images you selected are just wonderful and I'm so happy I could share some of my thoughts with you.
Also, I love Lullatone and the song that's playing on your blog right now! So sweet.
Hope you're having the best day full of great little things. :)
Love A.

JecaOnline said...

It's a great site! Your blog channels me to other amazing blogs, it's just awesome. :)

ii-ne-kore said...

what a really lovely interview, just perfect reading for a chilly sunny melbourne morning:)

Anonymous said...

That was lovely to read.

Hello Sandwich said...

That was really sweet! Thanks Aron-kun! xxx

Hello Sandwich said...

I hope you don't mind...but I couldn't resist!



Make it Easy said...

jeca, iinekore, christian:
thank you so much!
im glad you all liked it! it was all about Angie anyway :-)

ebony chan:
of coarse i dont mind! their music is for everyone to love! you did an amazing post on them!!!! <3