27 May 2009

New Plants + Magazine

today, i potted some new friends on this breezy day.  in the third picture, you can see my egglings did some growing.  one of them even sprouted a flower!

below are some of my favourites from Japanese fashion magazine, Mens Non-No, that i bought the other day.

i'm taking a 'literature & film writing intensive' class this summer. its quite interesting as we critique films in class, but we have so much outside reading to do. it gets very boring...

apart from today's nice breeze we got lucky with, Hawaii's summer heat is killer!  its so muggy and the vog (volcanic fog) is building up. its a really unpleasant feeling unless you're at the beach.


Anonymous said...

That looks like such a fun magazine! I love the look on the first picture of the magazine, of the guy that has the number 2 by him, such a fun cardigan!

TISH said...

Hi, I just somehow got onto your blog and it's really interesting. I really like everything about your blog, esp the photographs.

Make it Easy said...

ya! i like the look on that guy :-D

thank you!!! thanks for finding my blog :-)