29 January 2011

these two photos i found on this tumblr. my new source of inspiration for my art!

my art classes are keeping me really busy. a lot of new techniques to learn. lately i have been doing a lot of wood carving and abstract basket weaving and crocheting. it's so much fun spending time practicing new art forms. and also very therapeutic.

i have also been eating out a lot with certain friends. it's really nice to enjoy great food with wonderful people. it's such a healing social activity.

my new goal: yoga. i want to use my body more, in a healthy way. i think i might join a gym with my friend to start. i definitely want to exercise.

here's some quotes i want to share with you all. i have been writing them down in my sketch book for the past few weeks when i hear someone say something unforgettably wise.
- shake things up to allow possibility
- enjoying the days before our time is taken away
- the spirit of openness
- the more pure you are, the more you will learn



Sun said...

I would love to see the things you made, Aron, especially the wood and the crochet. Are you making Pikachu of it? haha
I really like the notes. It is important to always keep the spirit of openness, to chances and to life. Life always good if you know how to see and enjoy it.


every single day. said...

OH, please do post pictures of your creations. :) If only I had someone to teach me how to crochet or knit... all the females in my family are only good at sewing...But maybe that will help me in the near future. :)

See Hear Say said...

i love all the quotes! yes yes i'm doing the same thing with exercise and trying to go to the gym at least twice a week now. and i've been wanting to have 7hr sleep a night but it's so hard for me to try to go to sleep earlier..

Claudia said...

I love yoga! I take power yoga classes at my university's athletic centre and it brings so much peace to my week, and afterwards I feel so energized that I can do anything I've been putting off otherwise. Last semester, I timed the class to be right before my least favourite, painfully long class :P I hope you try it and find it beneficial and fun!

I think I've seen crochet rocks like that in Toronto, at a craft fair. They make me wish I had a use for paperweights, or just a pretty place to display them :)

Make it Easy said...

thanks you guys!!
i will try to post some pictures later of my works!! they have not come very far right now so they look a mess, but they should be finish soon!

wish me luck in yoga! hahah

Yoli said...

I love this and you are so wise for someone so young.

tiel said...

these look like Margie's crocheted stones from knitalatte. just so beautiful.

Caroline Hancox said...

that is a lovely tumblr, thanks for the link

Bianca said...

pretty things.

Kaley Laine said...

Have you checked out this tumblr? http://weirdfriends.tumblr.com/

I do a lot of folk art, like weaving and quilting and stuff.. and I get a lot of inspiration from that one. :)
thanks for sharing I added the one you posted to my favorites for sure. :P