05 September 2010

thinking space

contemplative in thought. at times melancholy. i really have to work on my thought process and control happiness. or just letting strained nerves float away much faster. meditation. self appreciation. being okay with whatever comes your way.

unconditional kindess


Barbara said...

beautiful pictures!
take it easy! things happen for a reason and it's better to smile to whatever happens to you

julie said...

let it flow. everything will come out alright. And yes, dont forget to smile.

Anyway, there is this one video that made me smile today. I hope you like it.


tamara said...

A very beautiful and sometimes strenuous path to go.
Important to keep the heart warm on this way.

Hey :-))

debbie said...

letting things go and accepting things for what they are leads to greater happiness (in my opinion).

these photos are lovely.

lolina. said...

have faith, and things will fall into its place. :) that's how i'm surviving each passing day.

be well, aron <3

Lazzenia said...

totally love your pictures, specially the third one, it's magical ;)

marie said...

exactly ;)

marie said...

exactly ;)

jenna said...

that's beautiful. i want to accept more than i do now. i find now i'm less accepting of people who don't accept, if that makes any sense. also aron, this has nothing to do with your post, but i wanted to ask you about your fjällräven backpack. (you have one yes? when i think of them i think of you.) did you get the mini or regular? i'm looking at jcrew and trying to decide. how much can you fit into the one you have? :)

Anna Liebheart said...

the things in your mind need the best spaces to keep calm each heartbeat, each thought. the clouds clean the bad feelings with little drops of beauty.

Yoli said...

Beautiful images and train of thought. Meditation is key to all general well being of the mind and the body.

Duermevela said...

of course! Sometimes all you need is just to stop and look around.

chibi said...

Its so easy to lose yourself when you are so busy with life. Sometimes you just need to stop walking, look at the sky, feel the wind, and just breathe.
Love the photos :)

Ulrika said...

that clouds are amazing. great photo.