07 September 2010

labor day weekend

its been a long labor day weekend, and we went to the Okinawan festival.

i caught a bad cold yesterday, so i'm missing school today to try feel better.

i just ordered this really cool cat shirt

lately, i've been obsessed with eating grilled octopus legs!

thank you for your words of wisdom and thoughts on my last post :-)


Yoli said...

What a beautiful festival! I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I am sorry you are battling a bad cold. Hope you feel better soon kid. Try not to give your partner your flu. I loved the zodiac stamps. What animal are you? I am a tiger.

Barbara said...

that stamps are beautiful!!!!!
hope you get better soon!!

Rina said...

your pictures warm me up!! The weather is a bit chilly for me right now. Ahh, kawaii zodiac stamps!!
oh no! a lot of my friends caught a cold this weekend. eat lots of yummy soup and drink plenty of orange juice. (but if you don't like orange juice then just eat lots of fresh oranges)
これはラムネですか? ;o

odessa said...

love the pics! those bonsai plants..wow.
feel better:)

Sun said...

oh no, おだいじに Aron! Eat well, drink water much :-)
The pots on the second picture is nice. and the t-shirt you ordered is funny as well :D

Sam Wahyudi said...

i do love the pictures too..:)
so, how are you now aron? feeling better now? i hope so :)

Sam Wahyudi said...
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listea said...

Looks really fun there :)
And a warm greeting from me, I'm a new blogger and been a fan of your blog :D

p.s I've added you to my fave links. Hope it's okay

Kate said...

just read your comment about having a dream about me! so funny! I wish we'd run into each other on the street:)

montmarte said...

bonsai! looks like you two picked up nice plants.

i hope you feel better soon, aron! take good care of yourself.

Hello Sandwich said...

Get better soon lovely Aron!

A Little Happier said...

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