12 August 2010

those little things you like?

finding a new song to love
the perfect nap
having a drink with friends
feel-good movies
random compliments
pimento olives
chubby cats
potted plants
sun hats
thin tote bags
when your online purchase arrives
wooden furniture
sunlit rooms

how about you?


cinta / sepi / sayu said...

i really really really love your blog. and thank you for liking my photograph :>


Yoli said...

I have to agree with the above, I really, really like your blog.I think your list mirrors my own to a T so there is nothing add except for Halloween.

lina said...

oh, i love your list. i'm going to make my own list now too. maybe i'll blog it : )

Sun said...

when you bake a cake,
and it turned out to be good,
& knowing you still have friends around :)

Anna Liebheart said...

writting about all the beauty that i known


books that make me smile

catch the sun in my hand

summer time near the ocean

victorian movies

your blog

I link your site in my blog ;)

marie said...

friday night.. i'm exhausted, it's been a busy week:)

(and thanks for the link)

Molpaka said...

my play list
visiting your blog :P

India said...

getting a roll of film developed and seeing that it turned out well :)

lolina. said...

holding hands
chocolate chip cookies
a nice phone call
a hug
snuggling in bed with my teddy bear
a smile

there are more on my blog hehe :)
hey aron. i hope you're well :)

My18stripes said...

- Italian food
- Beautiful fresh vegetables
- The smell of rain, before it falls
- Brooches to pin on my lapels
- Hearing a language I do not know
And so much more!

anabella said...

im just gonna copy and paste your list. heheh. j/k

well i'll add on
my baby girl
finishing a really good book
organizing things
buying new clothes
taking photographs
early evening/sunset hour
eating delicious/fresh foods
finishing projects
stimulating conversations
natural sciences
& more prob. but i should stop.


Make it Easy said...

WOW~!!! these are all so great!!!
you guys have nice things to like!
here's my favourite from each of you:

sun: knowing friends are still around

anna: love

molpaka: flowers

lolina: holding hands

my18stripes: hearing a language i dont know <3

anabella: buying new clothes. hehe

thank you all for your thoughts and compliments on my blog! i love them! so nice all of you :-)

thwany said...

good conversation
smoking up
quality music
my macbook pro

odessa said...

coffee :: pretty dresses :: ballet :: learning japanese :: macarons :: beautiful music :: discovering new-to-me blogs, like yours :)

zaazaa said...

really luv the tune..played..nice shots taken..

wts the name...can i know?:)

Saunders said...

The song on here? Scroll right to the bottom of the page and it's there :)
The whole album is really good.