16 March 2010

Muji catalog

more nice Muji things. i also just changed the song on my page to a short clip from a muji commercial. i thought it was a cute and happy song, but it will probably get annoying after a while, so i probably won't have it up for long :-P


sun. said...

ok, let's make it in pico. hahahaha

pomme said...

I love Muji!!
and their pics are always so great!
(and your songs are always very calm and sweet)

marie said...

ah i would live completely amongst muji things if i could -)

world of sekimachihato said...

i saw that muji have released their own line of wooden plates. i so wanna get my hands on some but they have yet to reach hong kong muji stores.
i just went to muji last night and bought some more towels; great natural colors and so soft!

\@-@/ said...

me like the tune! haha... very cute!

guili_guili said...

Ohlala! I love Muji!! It's so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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