13 March 2010

Mimi and Tanko sunbathing on the stairs.

new espadrilles i got from the store Forever 21. (good luck Lorena on your hunt for espadrilles too! i hope you find a nice pair for yourself!)

a fun book i bought last night, i found in the Self-Help section, haha. its a big book of blank pages that has a title at the top of each to list specific things about yourself, along with a funny illustration on each subject. its like an autobiography in lists!
example questions:
-List the things you'd save if your home was on fire
-List your favourite bands
-List the things most people probably don't know about you
-List the strangest places you've had sex
and so on....i'm really excited to work on these throughout my days. its fun to get to know yourself through questions you don't always think to ask youself :-)

and a very delicious Japanese dinner i had with a friend the other night

hope everyone's having a great weekend!! :-D


lina said...

hello mimi & tanko : )
what a neat book! i must look that one up next time i go to the bookstore.
happy weekend!

See Hear Say said...

nice book! oh your bento box looks sooo yummy. you have a nice weekend too!

sun. said...

lol your cats always do something funny, hope they won't get so tanned :-p and i want that shoes! still haven't one yet. how come you get lot of nice things there :(

danica said...

great photos! i really like the look of your new book :)

happy weekend!

the ramen girl said...

nice shoes! looks like toms shoes and i bet it goes well with almost everything!

min it said...

Mimi and Tanko are lovely!
Spring is coming and this weekend was great for walking and enjoy the nature!!
cheers for everyone:

Mamasan said...

Hello hello.
After weeks of following your blog, I decided to say hello.
I quite like a lot of your photographs! Thank you for sharing.

Be well

world of sekimachihato said...

gotta say those shoes are fine!
shame we don't have a forever 21 store in hong kong. will have to check it out next time i'm in tokyo!

Jenni said...

I have listography book too, love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice shoe you've got! tried finding it at singapore but failed to find any. ):

Luuworld said...

super cool notebook! i want! :-D

guili_guili said...

Mimi and Tanko are so cute!

M rétro said...

I love ^^