19 October 2009

Tokyo Preview

isn't the Honda EV-N a super cute car? japan comes out with the best stuff. it's so slick and clean. it has that retro feel to it, but a very modern characteristic. found on kitsune noir via autoblog.

i think my next garden party theme will be: Japan! beside japanese food, what other activities do you suggest? :-)


Gee said...

Have a bonfire and make smores!

Kate said...

I want it!

Anonymous said...

It looks funny. I have to see the actual car to decide if I like it or not. As for the activities, why not do origami in the garden!? You could make something like this (http://origamist.net/spring.html) together!?

laura said...

looks like a toy!!

pascale said...

cute car indeed! I always wonder what it will be like to drive such a small car on a highway... :p

have a temaki sushi party! then everyone can participate and have fun rolling and eating... :) sashimi, ham, eggs, avodado~ whatever you like! :D

danica said...

you could stage your own version of kabuki theatre and do some ikebana flower arranging...or maybe just watch lost in translation :)

Hannah Yee said...
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Hannah Yee said...
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Hannah Yee said...

The car looks cute~
about the activities, how about try playing Hanetsuki? or Uta-garuta? or Buta no shippo?

Hannah Yee said...

I just notice...
but all of my suggestions were games weren't they?

blakk said...

for some reason it reminds me of a fridge!
there's something really awkward about it, especially the 2nd picture.
i think it's because it looks like it's been squished inside an ice-cream box.
i must say though, this definitely has potential to grow on me..

Make it Easy said...

gee: oooh a bonfire sounds good!! hmm i have to find the hibachi grill

haha yes it does look a bit strange. its cute, but i dont think i would drive it myself. haha
origami is a great idea, thanks!!

hmm i dont think i would feel safe driving in such a small car in the freeway. haha. maybe if i just drove it in japan it would be ok since the roads are so narrow!
ooh a sushi making activity! that sounds like fun. japanese food is ESSENTIAL for this party!

ooh those are great ideas, thanks!
you know what would be perfect...to project a movie on my wall!! LIT would be PERFECT for this!!

i dont know any of those games :-(

"squished inside an icecream box"...thats such a great discription for it! hahah

Hila said...

That is the cutest car ever! If I had a car like that, I may actually like driving :)

Fine Little Day said...

Cute, I agree :)

ii-ne-kore said...

that is so great. mini-me car. looks like you had a nice party!

Delphine said...

うわあ!i love those shapes of cars!

Make it Easy said...

ME TOO! i have such a huge fancy for cars with this shape!! the car i own has a similar round/box shape too, i got it just for the shape. hehe