24 October 2009

Japan Party

heres some pictures from last night's japanese theme party! thank you all for your great suggestions! we ended up feasting on a great variety of different japanese foods: tonkatsu, D.I.Y sushi rolls, zaru soba, home made gyoza, miso soup, yakimochi, edamame, pomegranate sake and japanese beers. i had a japanese music playlist as background music and we also played games.


next week is already halloween! we're having a halloween party at my house probably then, haha. i probably want to dress up either as Peter Rabbit....or a pokemon. hahah, what do you guys plan to be for halloween??


Tish said...

be pokemon! :D

letopho said...

this party looks like so much fun!


letopho said...
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laura said...

looks so much fun i wish i can be a part of you guys! ummm... sadly no plans for the halloween for me. none of my friends organise any party (yet).

Make it Easy said...

haha aww thanks!
me and my friends are actually thinking of having a wes anderson theme now! where we dress up as different characters throughout his movies! haha
even my other friend works on halloween :-(

Luuworld said...

omorhirosoo! i like party pics of people enjoying themselves. the food looks delicious and your friends are so beautiful :)