05 August 2009

What do you do, when you don't know what to do with yourself?

(by Ryan McGinley, Corey Arnold, and my friend Megumi Miyamoto)


Farhana Zain said...
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Farhana Zain said...

i used to get that feeling all the time and I still do until this very day.

all i can say is, just relax & try to reflect all the things that you've done over a cuppa tea.
that might help.

nice blog btw.*grins*

Celine said...

I get that feeling a lot. But I used to get it even more, and I used to deal with it in a baaad way (staying in bed all day). I do not recommend it.

Now, I just talk to friends, spend time with people I have not seen in awhile, and sometimes, when I am not thinking about my own "lost-ness", an idea comes up to get me out of it.

But, I would love to hold a baby deer if I were lost. Now where would I find one?

Amanda Nicole said...

Ick, I know what you mean. Usually I bug D for a bit (or "pester," as he says), and if that doesn't work I'll go for a nice walk to air out the cobwebs and get the creativity flowing again. Lovely photos :)

Make it Easy said...

thank you very much for visiting
yes, i think i need to better reflect with myself. remind me how its all okay.

i know exactly what you mean about staying in bed all day. thats what i've been doing :-(
and yes, its NOT good. hahah
that word "lost" is exactly how im feeling. its not sad or necessarily depressed or anything...im just feeling lost
but the whole "hanging out with the friends and family" stuff...i'm even having a hard time with that. they literally have to force me to go out! im such a home body now...im just so unmotivated to socially go out :-/
im sure im just in a funk

is D your cat? hehe, ya i like bugging them too! mmm nice walks sound nice. you know what i need to do! i need to start waking up mor early and go on walks in the morning. that sounds real nice :-)

hiki said...

i get away from reality and go somewhere. sometimes it just mekes me feel so lonely, but sometimes it works. why don't you take a year studying in japan perhaps!? no, maybe that's too unrealistic... Oh yoga, doing yoga used to work for me when I was so stressed or feeling yucky.
I really hope you will find your way out Aron!

Make it Easy said...

そうですね. i should just GET OUT. haha, anything. out of hawaii, out of the country...or just out of the house :-)
ありがとう ひきさん!
i would love to study in japan for a year. many of my friends did that. but my mom just wants me to hurry and graduate. haha
i plan to go to Japan after i graduate college though :-)
ヨガはちょっとむずかしい for me. hahah
でも,ありがとう for your thoughts <3

Anonymous said...

hi there. you have such a beautiful blog. i esp. love this set of photos. nicely selected. :-)

i'm gonna link you to my blog now.


Windy Days said...

The first image is one of my favourites. So beautiful.

As someone who has this exact problem of trying to figure out my future/what I want to do I can honestly sympathize.

I'm trying to be patient and take time to explore new things sometimes. I think it's helped me. I hope you feel happier soon and take care dear. :)

Luuworld said...

what a nice combination of pictures! i love the one with the deer and the one with the birds. lovely!