31 July 2009

New Things

added some new things around the house. last night i made a little fort in my room! like a little child, i read my moomin books inside. we also added a new sitting area in the upstairs balcony. the cats seem to love it too. i got myself a new cute/comfortable shirt and that clock :-)


Luuworld said...

i love your apartment. it looks like a muji catalogue! very, very cool.

by the way, I have a similar clock. you have great taste!

Make it Easy said...

oh wow thank you! such a nice complimet, i love muji :-)
not my own appartment haha, its a house. i still live with my family :-D

Amanda Nicole said...

Aw, the lil dog is already trying it out! I love the idea of unexpected reading/sitting nooks.

Hello Sandwich said...

ow how cute is your little fort! I love! what a sweet idea! Hope you had a lovely day! (and hope it was much more fun than mine being stuck in Japanese class for 5 hours! eek!)
Happy Sunday
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Joanna Goddard said...

that fort is SO cool! i love that! xo

Celine said...

I like all the new additions!
the cats look like they really like that furry rug! Maybe I should get one for my cats! such a nice sitting area.

Make it Easy said...

they're my kitties. hehe
yess i loove sitting areas like that!

thank you! hope you have good days too :-)
eee~! 5 hours?! すごい! がんばって!

thank you!!

thank you! yes my cats seems to love laying on rugs for warmth i guess since the wood floors could get cold. hehe

Ulrika said...

Hi and than you so much for sweet comment on my blog!
Looks like you've got a wonderful home, and cats! :)

Karin said...

Love the music i hear while looking at your photos. / Karin

Fine Little Day said...

Oh I like your place!

marie said...

love your fort! i loved making places to hide when i was little.. so much fun!

hiki said...

you have such a nice place! and oh imagining you reading your moomin books inside the little fort made me smile, how cute :) Tシャツもかっこいいね!

Rachell Taylor said...

That clock is awesome.

Tish said...

I love your rooom! Awww, bet it's fun decorating your own room. Wish I have a room like yours. Love the day bed too :) Oh, kudos to your new hairstyle. Looks nice on you.

Anonymous said...

I love moomin! whats your favorite book? amazing blog, thank you :)