10 August 2009

Big, big love

i love these photos by Mutsumi. nice feeling and glow.

had a very eventful weekend! besides taking to big step to chop all my hair off, i had my friend Kristie's party, Nara's slip & slide water party / BBQ, beach day with friends at north shore, watched the new G.I. Joe movie (which was awesome by the way), and i'm going to the No Doubt concert on wednesday!

i'm getting my social vitamins back. i feel very happy :-D


Windy Days said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Wonderful photos too.

Anonymous said...

have fun at the concert. i wish they'll play in japan, too. they are awesome live.

Make it Easy said...

windy days:
aw thanks lovely :-)

i will thanks! i have never seen them live before, so i am very excited!