23 July 2009


Ponyo GIF Pictures, Images and Photos


alice said...

That's so cute, really made me smile. Thank you :)

hiki said...

once i hear this song of ponyo, i can't get it off my mind for so long! well i'll be singing it for the next few hours now!! :P

teresa said...

saw it last weekend, loved it!

Make it Easy said...

yay!! :-D

i know!! isnt the song so addicting. i actually was singing it this morning after i woke up! i dont know why! haha
"ponyo, ponyo ponyo sakana noko!"

yay im so glad! i cant get enough ponyo! haha

Luuworld said...

stumbled across your blog- it's wonderful! love the pictures/graphics. you have such good taste. keep it up :-)

Make it Easy said...

hello luuworld! thank you very much for finding my blog. im so happy you enjoy it :-)

R@!$4 said...


anyhow just came upon your blog. love it! would blog on my post soon :)

so come visit too sometimes!

Delphine said...

sakana no ko x)
i like that animation :)

Lynnie said...

I just saw Ponyo and was googling to find out more and have just found your lovely blog - what an inspiring animation how do you do that! meanwhile I am going to go and draw myself a pnyo and then embroider it , will maybe start my own blog and let you know the link!
Love from Lynnie in Scotland x