16 July 2009


4. by Cao Tieou, via boom
5. 日々の音色 by Sour


yasu said...

oh yes, 日々の音色 video is amazing. i love it

Anonymous said...

cool pictures. and i love the music that is playing on here. what's it called?

Amanda Nicole said...

As much as I hate the swing ride, that mushroom is pretty darned cute.

Nazara said...

i love that second picture!
and yes, that man is really handome (even more to me, i´m obsesed with asiatic beauty).

i always enjoy visiting your blog, nice music!

Make it Easy said...

yasu: i just found out about that SOUR band yesterday, and i already love them! theyre so cool!

micaela: thank you! its called "falling leaves" by Lullatone :-)
ps: you have such a pretty name!

amanda: i want to ride it! it looks so fun to be on!!

nazara: wow thank you! i really love YOUR blog. you post the most interesting pieces! if it wasnt for you, i would not have found that beautiful asian man! hahah (thank you!)

Fine Little Day said...

Good link, Baumann fotografie!

Alice said...

this video is so great !!!

hiki said...

loooooove the 日々の音色 clip it's terrific!!!!!!!!!!

Make it Easy said...

i know!! when i first saw it, i was in pure amazement!