16 July 2009


the polaroid above is me and my friends i went with. finally arrived home yesterday! it's been quite a trip, i am exhausted. haha. so here's some pictures from the adventures we had! we started off in Vegas, and on the first day we drove 6 hours (each way) to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon! it was amazing! there was so much we did on our trip: ate so much food, met up with random friends, many nights of drinking, too much shopping, dancing at a funk club, visit a local art exhibition, ikea!, cute tea shops, little tokyo in LA, and to top it all off: on our last night in california, while Shaina + Mitchell (friends above) went to the Beyonce concert, my friend in LA (his name is Anthony) had a extra ticket to the Incubus concert!! so i went with him and his friends, such a huge coincidence because i am a HUGE incubus fan!! it was perfect.
grand canyon jump!

middle of no where

the hoover dam
in Las Vegas

thats Shaina and her boyfriend John
very cute tea shop we kept going back to

little tokyo, amazing food!!

at the local art exhibition. very cute stuff
shopping in LA

me and my friend Anthony at the Incubus concert!!!

it was a very fun trip with my friends, but it was a bit long. i have to admit i am happy to be home again. hehe. i bought some great things when i was there! apart from clothing, me and my friends went to IKEA for the first time...it was so great! surprisingly very huge store. i bought a couple things for my room, it's so cheap there! i also bought a couple of Japanese goodies when we went to this big department store in Orange County. i think it's called Mitsuwa. well i got some magazines, but the best thing was the new Miyazaki dvd: it's called Ponyo on the cliff by the sea. it is now my favourite Ghibli film! so much magic and cuteness. they also had THE BEST teriyaki grilled corn! i really loved it.

hope you all enjoy my pictures from the trip. great summer to remember :-)


Kate said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm hoping to go on a little road trip when I go to Arizona this fall.

yasu said...

okaeri! your trip looks so much fun! want to watch the ponyo too!

c. said...


The first time i went to Ikea i spent around THREE HOURS there ! It is a huge store. I especially love their kitchens..

Looks like you had a great trip ! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. :))

hiki said...

おかえり~! these are wonderful photos i love them!! sounds like you had such a lovely trip that's so cool! i enjoyed this post, thank you i'm feeling so smily on this rainy (thank god it's cooler!) friday morning in tokyo ;)

danica said...

it looks like you've had an amazing time! i find the tea shop, japanese food and the art exhibitions all very appealing. thanks for sharing :)

J.Yo said...

okaerinasai~ glad to have you back.
sounds like such a wonderful holiday!

i wish there are stores like Ikea here too~ >.<

ifzan said...

coool! love your photos. looks like a tripfantastic! post more please.

Hello Sandwich said...

It's so nice to have you home! Well, you know what I mean! I have missed you! Sounds like you had a great time too!

:) Thank you for visiting Hello Sandwich today too :)

Hope you have a lovely time settling back in!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Linz said...

Ponyo is such a good movie! The english dub is coming to theaters in August I believe!

Jeca said...

Looking great! I'm also an Incubus fan. Glad you're back! Ü

Make it Easy said...

kate: ooh a road trip to arizon sounds fun!! hope that happens for you :-)

yasu: you should! my friends came over to watch it last night, they loved it too! hehe

c.: thank you! yess, ikea was amazing! i didnt want to leave! hahah

hiki: im so happy this made you smile all the way in tokyo! :-D

ifzan: thanks man! just look at the ones on my facebook! hahaha

hello sandwich: ahhh thank you! i missed you too! youre the sweetest :-D its so touch settling back home when you've been gone for a while. me and my friends have to go back to work, and we're all so lazy and complaining. hahah

linz: i know, i heard! i really dont like the dubbed versions of miyazaki films though. it kills it for me, i need it in japanese to enjoy it. i enjoy subtitles :-)

jeca: thank you! yay, incubus fan!!!

danica: im glad you enjoyed it! the art exhibition had the gallery in the front, and in the back there was a huge outdoor party with lights and people drinking and playing music. it was magic! but i think it was invite only, so we didnt intrude. haha

j.yo: thank you! yes, i wish ikea at least shipped ALL over the world :-(

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like you have had a great time!

Vanessa said...

Seems like a wonderful trip. Glad you enjoyed IKEA, you can't go wrong there :-) And that food in Little Tokyo is making me seriously hungry!