08 May 2009

Framing Flowers

my father was a painter, so over the years he has collected many art books. digging through his vast collection i came across a great book called Beautiful Flowers And Fruits. there's about 150 pages of huge life-like paintings of various wild flowers and fruits, all done by Belgian artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté (born 1759).

so i decided to add some of his wonderful works around the house.

other than that, there's a whole lot of nothing going on. a very lazy summer is approaching.


nazara said...

what a nice blog!!
i´m in love with japanese culture (:

Make it Easy said...

wow thanks for finding me because i really like your blog too! very interesting and inspiring designs!!!
i will add you :-)

Windy Days said...

I really love botanical drawings, I always find the details so amazing.
Also, lazy summers are the best...any plans so far? :)

Make it Easy said...

thats a great word: botanical :-)
i just got summer classes for one session then im planning on taking a trip to LV and LA!