06 May 2009

¥100 かいもの

did some shopping today at the Japanese dollar store, Marukai. everything in the store is obviously not $1 so i doesnt hold true to the 100yen shops throughout Japan. but a good majority of Hawaii's population is strictly Japanese so we cater to many stores here that hold Japans goods.

prices vary at our marukai super store: mostly everything is 1.99, but depending on how well made or grand the item is, some prices can reach quite high. i got all this for about 50$

1. にゃんこのおもちゃ, cat toy
2. large fabric bag, to carry all my art supplies for school
3. スローライフ linen tote bag
4. wooden frames, four small and three large
5. black and white dog book-ends
6. すのこ, drainboard, to put under outdoor potted plants
7. Synapse Japan Inc. zipper case, has many compartments inside
8. mobile/key strap
9. black cotton swabs, q-tips
10. house slippers, げんかん style


J.Yo said...

the book ends are totally cool!

we have those kind of stores here too, but unfortunately they are so expensive!

Hello Sandwich said...

It looks great Aron-kun! Love the slippers! Like your layout too! You could style for muji! :)
Hey what is the music on your blog (everyone must ask you that)? Is it a secret?
Happy Party Friday!
Love love
Hello Sandwich



Look what I have. :-)

Make it Easy said...

i was so excited when i came across the book ends! it would be cool if they had elephants or giraffes or something too. hehe

thank you! wow, muji! thats such a huge compliment :-D
haha of coarse its not a secret! i, myself, dont know why the name doesnt scroll acorss on the music bar thing...
its "FLOWS", by Takagi Masakatsu
he makes the most dreamy, absolutley amazing instrumental music!
other similar artists, if you wanna check out, are SKREW KID and GONTITI.
all japanese intrumentalists.
they could make a soundtrack to my life <3

i got the same bag as you now! haay

ii-ne-kore said...

i am so very jealous that you have a 100 en store that sells such lovely stuff where you live - great! slow life bag is ace - i am curious about the slow life movement in japan - am looking in to it for a translation subject i am doing - really interesting.
have a great weekend:)

Make it Easy said...

ooh please tell me more about this slow life movement when you find out more information!

Hello Sandwich said...

hey thanks Aron! Yes I love the music so much - sometimes I have to leave your page open on my desktop just so I can listen to it! :) and thank you also for your other music suggestions! p.s. I am sorry I still haven't emailed the Japan interview! eek! Have been really busy but will get onto it!
Hope you have had a nice weekend!
Love love
Hello Sandwich

Windy Days said...

100 Yen stores look like so much fun, my list of places to go in Japan keep getting longer!
I especially love the bookends and those slippers look comfy! :)