26 May 2009


really big THANK YOU to Ebony (Hello Sandwich), Laura (See Hear Say), and Yasu (a a A) for the very nice awards you gave me!  i am truly happy to be apart of this blogging community with such wonderful, talented, and kind-hearted people.  its a great feeling to share and become friends with people all over the world :-)
thank you ALL for visiting my blog!!! i am so honored, flattered, and blessed that you enjoy it as much as i do sharing it.


the rules are to award 15 new blogs that you discovered, but i haven't actually found any new ones since i continuously just visit the ones i love so much (i'm quite lazy), and they're all linked on the side of my page anyway. but here's some love/shout-outs to my favourites!

-to my good friend Ant (Alphabetical), he's the reason why i started this blog, all thanks to him!

-to my other friend Ifzan (skullkingdom), he's a very talented graphic designer that finds such great things

-to Delphine, fellow livejournal/flickr friend who shares beautiful photos of her lovely lifestyle

-to Kate (for me, for you), the coolest New Yorker with the best weekends and sandals

-to Elisabeth (fine little day), extremely talented, amazingly beautiful lifestyle, and makes me love Sweden even more

-to Emma (fine little love), extra sweet with the prettiest pictures

-to All the mountains, such inspirational posts

-to Jessica (color me fash!), very friendly and sweet who's always on top of fashion

-to Debbie (tiny abstraction), shes very lovely with fun & happy posts

-to my other good friend Matt (this branded youth), posts 'the' most interesting/coolest things

-to Bree (ii ne kore), post the most beautiful & inspirational things about Japan

-to Ebony (hello sandwich), the most Japanese-Australian girl i know with the biggest heart

-to Windy Days, though i didn't catch her name, i know her for her wonderful posts of light and calm aesthetics 

-and Casual Poet Culture, the coolest coffee-shop in Singapore

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

and here's some pictures to relax me before i start my summer class tomorrow :-/

photos by Teppei


debbie said...

aww thanks for the award, aron!

have a lovely tuesday :)

Fine Little Day said...

Wow Aron, you make me happy :)) Thank you!

Linds said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Did you take them?

ii-ne-kore said...

thankyou for the lovely words and award aron!

ifzan said...

ure such a sweetie :)

Windy Days said...

Aw thanks Aron!! The feeling is mutual.
I'm sorry I never introduced myself, I'm Angie! I'm 21, a student and a dreamer. You?

Make it Easy said...
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Make it Easy said...

debbie, elisabeth, bree:
you are VERY welcome!!!

arent they! no i didnt, theres a link at the bottom to the photographer

no YOU aar!

finally, a name! hahah
well im 22 y/o, also a college student

Hello Sandwich said...

Aron you sweetheart! That was so gorgeous of you to say! Thank you lovely! You have made my day!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

J.Yo said...

oh thank you Aron! you are very kind indeed, especially on this bad bad fashion blogger! thanks again!

Make it Easy said...

ebony + jessica: <3